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The 46th Anniversary of the Glorious Corrective Movement, led by the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad on the 16th of November 1970, comes during dramatic events and developments on various local, Arab and international levels.

On the local level, this Anniversary comes at a time while the brave Syrian Arab Army is achieving victories and great accomplishments in facing the aggressive war against Syria making the Takfiri terrorists of the so-called "Al-Fatih army", "Al-Nosrah", "ISIS" and other terrorist organizations suffer heavy losses in several fronts along the land of Arabism Syria. The latest achievement was the restoration of security and stability to several regions. Thus divisions, conflicts and disagreements affected the takfiri terrorist groups strongly on various Syrian fronts,  announcing the fall of the illusions of the terrorists and their masters and the failure of their hostile plans and projects.

On the Arab level, the Zionist aggression on Palestine continues  as the occupation forces continue building settlements and make aggressive policies. In Iraq, Iraqi army continues its military operations to liberate Mosel from the grip of the terrorist "ISIS Organization", under Turkish Ordoganish efforts to frustrate this operation. Moreover, the so-called "Arab Coalition" forces, led by Saudi Arabia, continue their aggressive war against Yemen, causing more killing and destruction against Yemen and its people. The Military operations in Libya continue their fierce war that claims the lives of the Libyans and destroys the cities and facilities.

On a worldwide level, the Republican Party candidate, "Donald Trump" won the US presidential elections. The repercussions and visions of this winning might be contrary to the current approach of the US administration, led by Obama, and which supports the so-called "moderate opposition" in Syria.


The Glorious Corrective Movement came to revive the aspirations of the Arab masses and their yearning to see a unified Arab country and to devote the historical struggle dimension and its effects on the path of human civilization. Therefore, the Corrective Movement was a historical necessity that reflected the will of the people and the need of the country by embodying the objectives of our great Party, the Baath Arab Socialist Party, and the accumulation of its struggle experiences since the emergence of the Eighth March Revolution and its intellectual and practical contributions, creative innovation and humane and comprehensive vision of the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad and his fingerprints and innovative visions in the Party ideology and political life, as well as his contributions in establishing the national thought, his leadership abilities and strategic vision as a national and humanitarian leader, he was able to devote the Baath objectives and made them a reality and a decent life full of security, stability and democracy for our people. This was reflected on improving the economic situation, compensating for the lean years and giving the March Revolution its humanitarian dimension and the great achievements that made Syria a national center and a title for patriotic and national dignity and a human habitat that interacts with the struggling peoples causes of freedom and independence, especially after the October Liberation War which is considered one of the brightest images of the glorious Correction.     

The 46th Anniversary of the Glorious Corrective Movement is an occasion through which we recall the history which is full of bestowal, building and comprehensive development on various levels, as well as the important positions of Syria and its extension on the national level, as this Anniversary raises, in the Arab conscience and awareness, the international presence of Syria, giving an example of the national spirit and the Arab position which deserves respect and appreciation. This was manifested in the international interest to hear Syria's opinion and stands which have always carried wisdom, insight and human vision and in the work to achieve the national interests of the Arab nation and the aspirations of the Arab masses to see their Arab homeland free, independent and accompanying the occupied lands human development and to achieve their goals of liberating and restore all their rights.

The Correction March represented an experience of an era with integrated dimensions in embodying and practically applying the Baath principles and objectives, which were constantly looking forward to consecutive achievements that strengthen the faith in the change, development and modernization process and prompting mettles and energies to continue the march behind the leadership of the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad.

The aggressive war years against Syria since 2011 up till now have asserted the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab people and the strength of the Syrian economy in various sectors, especially the public one, which has played an effective role in the society steadfastness and which "will have the most important role in the stage of constructing and reconstructing Syria", as confirmed by the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian economy has withstood, despite the unjust blockade imposed on it, thanks to the sound economic construction, laid down by the Glorious Corrective Movement.

The years of war have also emphasized the importance of adhering to the option of Correction whose march began 46 years ago, and the necessity to regard this march attentively and read its connotations and meanings to work behind the leadership of His Excellency Mr. President Bashar al-Assad in order to develop and modernize the society, participate in the development and reconstruction process, apply the laws and regulations, detect the corrupts and hold them accountable, fight bureaucracy and waste, and keep on taking care of the martyrs families and the wounded because they offered great sacrifices that helped in the preservation of Syria.


On this occasion, The NL of The BASP emphasizes the following issues:
1 - The aggressive war against Syria would end, if the external forces stopped their support to the terrorists, and if the war against terrorism and terrorists (supported by Arab, regional and foreign countries) kept on until liberating the whole Syrian land from their dirt.

2 - Arabism Syria believes in dialogue and is confident that the solution to her crisis is dialogue amongst her children and continuing the reconciliations which expand in order to prevent bloodshed. Syria  is ready to participate in the sincere efforts that push towards finding a political solution in which the Syrians alone determine their future and choices, without external interference, in such a way that ensures Syria's sovereignty, independence and the safety and unity of her land.

3 – Syria and the Baath Arab Socialist Party adhere to the national invariables of the Arab struggle, promote the culture of the Resistance against the occupation, strengthen the solidarity with the forces that pursue the Resistance approach in order to confront the challenges that face our nation now and in the future, in a frame of a national vision that guarantees the restoration of all the usurped Arab rights and liberate the land and people from the filth of  terrorism and terrorists.
4 – Syria, with her people, army and leadership, is greater and stronger than all the policies of aggression, terrorism, containment and isolation. Her sovereignty and the dignity of her people are above all other considerations. She will not give up its principles and patriotic and national invariables. She will not compromise on her rights in maintaining her security and stability.
5 - The scheme of political terrorism will definitely fail and collapse utterly, just like the economic and media terrorism has previously failed to make the Syrian people knee or undermine their steadfastness.
6 – We have great confidence in victory and deep faith in the Baath ideology that emerged from the Masses to take care of their interests in various fields. The Arab people in Syria will remain adherent to their national invariables  and their right to determine their present and future. One hand with the Leader al-Assad and with the Syrian Arab Army, to return the invulnerable Syria whose first bricks were put by the Correction.  Syria, the Resistance, is strongly present on the regional and international arenas. Syria the noble and generous emits civilization, light and knowledge to the whole world.
7 - Syria is adherent to Correction thought and approach in dealing with the national issues. Despite all the challenges, her central cause and compass is still the Palestine cause, which will remain the central cause of the Party, and the Baath will remain the Palestine Party, faithful to Palestine as it is faithful to its principles. Steadfastness and victory in Syria always renew the hope to liberate Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine.
Greeting of Glory and Pride to the Syrian Arab Army fighters and the free militants of our nation who defend the nation in facing terrorism and the new Zionists.

Glory and Immortality to the martyrs of the Baath and the Arab Nation.       

Damascus 16/11/2016
                                                      National Leadership
                                               Baath Arab Socialist Party

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