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His Excellency Mr. President Comrade Bashar al-Assad, the Regional Secretary of the Party gave an interview, to the Portuguese Radio and TV, published on 16/11/2016, confirming that our democracy must reflect our culture, traditions and reality and that defeating terrorism is our sole option. He also pointed out that if we do not win, Syria would not exist anymore. So we will fight terrorism and the terrorists who are supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and some Western countries, including the United States of America.

Undoubtedly, the Syrian people, who suffered from the continued American support to the terrorist organizations, whatever names they have, listened to the statements of the elected American president "Trump" about the change in Washington policy towards the crisis in Syria. However, they are waiting the words to become combined with deeds in order to decide how to deal with such statements. Whatever the circumstances are, our steadfast people depend, first and foremost, on their brave army and its continued victories over terrorism and its supporters.

President al-Assad emphasizes that "We do not have many expectations, for the American Administration does not depend on the president alone, but it also depends on different forces inside this administration: The pressure groups that are going to influence the president. We have to wait until he starts his new task. As for us, he is still a suspect and we do not know whether he will or will not be able to keep his promises or not. Therefore, we are very careful to judge him, especially that he did not occupy any political position before. His Excellency President al-Assad also stressed that we are going to be natural allies with everyone who fights terrorism and cooperate with us within the frame of cooperation between two legitimate governments and any cooperation that is not through the Syrian government is not legal and not approved of.

What His Excellency the President confirmed in this interview expresses the conscience, will, steadfastness and unity of our people and strengthens the trust and hope to liberate every inch of Syria from the claws of terrorism and terrorists. It also expresses the dignity of the Arab people in Syria and their freedom and determination to defend their land and the sovereignty of their country, when His Excellency  says: " We are absolutely free in everything that is linked to Syria's future. The Turkish army presence inside the Syrian land is an invasion and we have the right to defend our country against any kind of invasion."         

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