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The NL of the Party internet site had a dialogue with Comrade Wasif  Shararah, a leading comrade in the Baath Paty and a national affairs researcher. In this dialogue comrade Shararah stressed that Syria is paying for holding  Arabism flag and defending the Arab national project. He pointed out that the American-Zionist project, which aims at dividing the region and involving it in destructive wars, targets Arabism first and foremost.


Comrade Shararah:

Comrade Shararpointed out that the steadfastness of Syria today strengthens and reinforces our belief in the unity and the national and progressive movements forces that stand in the face of colonialism and arrogance forces. He added that the current Arab situations call for togetherness, solidarity, unity and promoting the nation, as well as adhering to the Resistance option and the national belonging.
Comrade Shararh said : "What is required today is the Party promotion, which is a task that requires everyone's efforts to collect all the diasporas of the Party, restore the cohesion amongst its comrades and awaken them through  work programs, defend people's issues and carry their demands and get involved in the demands battles that make the masses rally around the Party.



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