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On 28/11/2016, in the residence of the Republic of Cuba Ambassador in Damascus, Comrade Abdullah al-Ahmar, Assistant Secretary General of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, offered his condolences on the demise of the former Leader and President of Cuba Fidel Castro.

In the record of condolences, Comrade al-Ahmar praised the virtues of the late Fidel Castro and his sacrifices for the independence and freedom of Cuba, as well as his stands anti-imperialism and all forms of aggression and hegemony, pointing out that the late Castro was a faithful friend and a supporter of the just Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian cause.

Comrade al-Ahmar stressed that the strong ties between the Baath Arab Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Cuba, which were firmly established by the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad and the Leader Fidel Castro and are still going on in the time of  His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad and Raul Castro, will become stronger and more deep-rooted. Comrade al-Amar appreciated the supportive stance of Cuba towards Syria in her fight against terrorism and expressed his wishes for more development and prosperity for Cuba and its friendly people.

A number of Comrades Members of the National Leadership of the Party  participated in offering condolences:
Sami Al-Atari, Mohammad Saleh al-Hermassi, Mutib Shinnan and Ahmad al-Hassan.

It is worth mentioning that the historical relations between the Baath Arab Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Cuba started in 1967 and were strengthened after the Glorious Corrective Movement. The Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad visited Cuba in 1979 and His Excellency Mr. President Bashar al-Assad also visited Cuba in 2010. On his part, the late Castro visited Syria in 2001.

The first Cooperation Agreement between the two parties was signed in 1972 during a visit by the Comrade Assistant Secretary-General to Cuba. A party delegation, headed by Comrade al-Ahmar, participated in the First Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba in 1975. The Cooperation Agreement between the two parties was renewed in 2001 during a visit by Comrade al-Ahmar to Cuba.

It is worth mentioning that Cuba is the only Latin American state that voted against the Resolution of dividing Palestine in 1947. Moreover, the late Fidel Castro announced, in 1973 at the Fourth Summit of the Non-Aligned Countries Conference in Algeria, severing the diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity and recognizing the PLO.


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