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Balfour Declaration in November 1917 was just a stage of those that followed the creation of Palestine 1906 in order to , later on , create the ‘’Zionist Entity ‘’as a state for the Jews . Theodor Herzl presumed with very significant phrases and dimensions that are full of lots of expectations in his book ‘’State of the Jews’’ which will illuminate the heart of the darkness in the gloomy Middle East.

When we say Belfour declaration was a stage, this means it had , before and after it was declared,  not only promise, but other stages that lay the ground to fulfill Herzl prophecy which the French secularists refused it to be embraced by their country.


As for the pre-declaration stage ,this goes back to the Eastern Question which emanated from the Balkan countries 1820 as a presentation accompanied by lots of outcomes, indicating that a new international law backbone began to take shape according to dividing that time world in a way to fit ‘’mercantilism’’ interests that enabled the British Empire to declare itself as the empire that the sun never goes down its territories, proving,  at the same time , a fact that was known by the international relations, and serving the French sovereignty:

''He who masters Europe , rules north Africa ‘’.

The USA was not far from such arrangements. Belfour Declaration was shown to the USA President Woodrow Wilson, of the fourteen principles  ,and approved it on 14 February 1918. It was also shown to the French and Italian governments, but France had already been far ahead of in making such a declaration when Napoleon Bonaparte armies were besieging "Acre".He asked the Jews all over the world to financially support him, so he can fulfill the God promise to them. The Italian government saw that the declaration was something required by propaganda ,such as awakening the feeling of all the Jews in the world and make them the support the allies cause. And here, they kept this promise they made.

On November 1917 , history wrote the biggest tragedy known by mankind in the 20 th century,  considering it as the first step to displace a whole people from their home land to become refugee people,  to let the very rich Zionist Movement and its allies ‘’establish a Jewish State in Palestine “.

Thus was the first step to Jewish homeland.

"Jewishize “ the Palestinian homeland “ , a term , meaning land confiscation .

Before the forties of the 20th century,  chaim Weizmann , head of the Zionist Movement in a testimony he gave before the British Royal Investigation Committee on 25.11.1936 said that the relation between Britain and the Zionist Movement goes back 300 years , i.e,1636. And at that time he demanded the establishing of a national home land for the Jews to be in Palestine, and be a “Jewish “one, just as England claims to be "English". But mahatma Gandhi was , at the same time , asserting that “Palestine is an Arab country ,just as England is an English country “.



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