National Progressive Unionist Party (Al- Tagammu) "Egyptian" emerged "in 1976, from the left-wing of the Arab Socialist Union, which was dissolved by the pre- former president Anwar      Sadat, founded by Khalid Mohiuddin, but it did not receive legal recognition only in 1977, after allowing to the political parties to  be founded in Egypt, during political pluralism stage. Party  includes a group of Nasarenis and Arab nationalists and Marxists, '                            

Party fought  the parliamentary elections in 2011 under the Egyptian Bloc coalition, which included (Liberal Egyptians) and (Social Democratic)parties ,and  won three seats.

head of the party was  Mr. Syed Mustafa Abdel Aal, after he was elected  in the Seventh General congress of the party, which was held on February 27, 2013.

Party objectives
Party aims to achieve a set of objectives, including: building popular participation society, and defending the interests of the homeland and vital interests, and protecting social gains, and Egypt resumes its historic role in supporting the independent development of the Arab homeland, and the emphasizing the pan-Arab role of  Egypt especially towards the Palestinian issue, and deepening cooperation and solidarity between the Arabs and completing the liberation of occupied Arab land, , And walking to achieve Arab integrated development, and facing normalization with the Israeli entity, and supporting  national independence, and respecting freedom, democracy and the heavenly religions.


Relations between the Baath Arab Socialist Party and (Al- Tagammu) party

The relations between these two parties are fraternal and old relations of cooperation, organized by the cooperation agreement between the two parties, and signed by Comrade Abdullah al-Ahmar, Assistant Secretary General of the Party, and Mr. Rifaat al-Saeed, pre- former secretary general of Al-Tagamuu, on 24 / March 2001 during  al-saeed's visit to Syria.


In the framework of the development of relations and strengthening cooperation between the two parties, Mr. Khalid Mohiuddin former leader of al-Tagammu  visited Syria on 3 March 2004 and met with Comrade Assistant Secretary General of the Party, and they discussed relations between the two parties and the situation and developments in the region, and the role of parties and popular organizations in theArab  arena .