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The NL of the Baath Arab Socialist Party announced the death of Comrade Mohammad Khalifa, member of the BASP, Head of the Party Culture Bureau,  who passed away on Sunday morning 4/12/2016.

The funeral of Khalifa held on Monday 05/12/2016 and was attended by Comrade Abdullah al-Ahmar, the Assistant Secretary General of the BASP, comrades members of the NL, members of the Palestinian Regional Leadership, the Party organizations, a number of comrades heads and general secretaries of the Palestinian organizations in Syria, the family of the Late and a large number of his comrades and friends.

The funeral was proceeded by wreaths from  Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad and from both National and Regional leaderships and the Palestinian organizations in Syria.

Comrade Al-Ahmar: The Late was an example of the baathist fighter for his country and Arab Nation's Causes

Comrade al-Ahmar praised the struggle march of the Late, pointing out that the late joined the Baath in his youth and remained faithful to its principles. He held several leadership responsibilities, became a member of the NL of the party in 1980 and his march was full of struggle for the central Arab cause , the Palestinian cause. May God bless the Late and bestow his mercy upon him. The Palestinian leaderships and factions expressed their deep sorrow for the demise of Comrade Khalifa, pointing out that he was a great struggle figure who the Palestine people, the Palestinian revolution and the Palestinian resistance lost, as he stood against those who bargained on the Palestinian cause. He remained firmly adherent to his patriotic and national positions, worked for his nation and firmly confirmed the struggle to liberate Palestine and achieve the hope of Arab Unity.

A brief CV about his life:
Born in Palestine - Safad - in 1934. He had a license in the English language in 1962 and held several Party positions: a section leadership member, a division leadership member, a Palestinian Regional Leadership member, an alternate NL member, and a National Leadership member. He also participated in several Arab Summit Conferences,  Foreign Ministers of Non-Aligned Countries Conferences and in Party delegations to Arab and friendly countries.

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