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    National Party Organlzations 


It was founded in 1962. It is one of the oldest and biggest parties in Cyprus. It led the country through many presidential terms. It is composed of middle class people, workers, peasants and craftsmen. It is led by Mr. Andros Kebriano since 2009 after its leader Dimitris Christafios  resigned when he was elected president of Cyprus.                                                                            

It convened its 22nd congress on 4 to 7 June 2015 in Nicosia. This congress elected a new C.C. Gen Secretariat.     

(AKEL) Ideology and Stands:

It is a Marxist Leninist Communist party. It calls for making Cyprus an Island of peace and the solving of Cyprus problem on the basis of the UN̓s Resolutions. It supports Anan plan for the peace in island. It calls for freedom of communications and meetings between the popular parties and organizations of both sides of the island. It strongly opposes to join Greece. It sees the joint defense principle, signed by the government of Cyprus and  Greece, as a danger that threaten the security of the island.                        

 AKEL stick to its stands, supporting the just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East on the basis of the UN̓s Resolutions. Although it supports Oslo  and Wadi Parada Agreements , it sees that a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved without responding to the legitimate Syrian demands: Israel withdrawal from the Golan.                                              

  The BASP and AKEL Relations:

The BASP has good relations with AKEL. There are signed cooperation agreements between parties, reciprocated visits and participation by their delegations in the two party’s congresses

    One of the most important visits is that by the former Gen. Secretary of AKEL Mr.  Dimitris Christafios, to Syria in 2010, and met with Comrade Abdullah al-Ahmar, the BASP Gen. Secretary.


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