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The year 2016 is gathering its problems, crises and wars and preparing for departure. The year 2017 is about to come holding events and developments that we do not Know anything about. However, in our minds and hearts, we hold all hopes that 2017 would be a year in which the crises of the Arab world end, the wars and disputes stop and the wounds heal.  

The year 2017 is approaching, while the Arab nation is living a bitter reality and unprecedented conditions on the level of the Zionist occupation of Palestine and Jerusalem and the level of wars, crises and conflicts that are faced by more than one Arab country. The terrorist groups are still attacking everywhere in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other Arab counties. Yemen is still in a state of division and is attacked by neighboring Arab states.     

Let the New Year 2017 be an occasion to mobilize patriotic and national spirit; unify our internal front and strengthen its ties that pass any differences or narrow judgments; bring the Palestinian cause back onto its right track and make it a priority in our struggle against the Zionist enemy.

Let the new year be an occasion to unite the ranks and confront the nation's problems by brotherhood and solidarity spirit; promote our work to the level of responsibility in defending Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and other Arab countries that confront occupation and terrorism and to neutralize bilateral disputes aside, especially when it comes to the destiny of the Arab nation. Let us work to awaken the resistance against the occupier until liberating Palestine and other occupied Arab territories in Golan and Lebanon, restoring our whole usurped rights and resisting terrorism, which is spreading in more than one Arab country.  

Let us make the New Year an occasion to neutralize the prevailing frustration state and work to spread out the hope that occupation, terrorism and extremism will inevitably end, sooner or later. the experiences of history motivate us for struggle, steadfastness and resistance in order to face the Zionist occupation and its settlement project and to confront terrorism and its extremist project and those who support and finance it. 

Let us make the New Year an occasion to sanctify martyrdom and martyrs, as our Arab nation children have sacrificed convoys of martyrs in defending their nation's present and future.

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