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    National Party Organlzations 

At 10:00 am., Wednesday 28th December, Jordanian delegations and personalities came to offer their congratulations on the victory of Aleppo over the terrorist gangs, which were controlling the eastern part of Aleppo during the past years.
Headed by General Secretary Fuad Dabour, a big delegation from the Progressive Baath Arab Party, including the Central Leadership and members of al-Karak, Irbid, al-Balqaa, al-Zarqaa, the Capital, Ajloun and Madaba branches. The Leadership Member, Deputy Dr. Nidal Tani was with the attendants and made a statement to the Syrian TV, congratulating Syria and calling for achieving democracy in her.

The Secretary-General made a statement in which he congratulated Syria, opposed terrorism and stressed the necessity of eliminating it. He also clarified the aims of the aggression against Syria and emphasized that this aggression , represented by the terrorist gangs and their international, regional and Arab supporters, will be defeated.

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