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On Sunday 15/01/2017, The NL of the Party gave a Memorial Service on the occasion of 40th Day after the death of the Late comrade Mohammad Khalifa, member of the NL, at the Seventh of April Hall in the NL building at 12:00 p.m.

The Memorial Service was attended by comrade Abdullah al-Ahmar, Assistant Secretary General of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, a number of comrades members of the National and Regional Leaderships, comrades Secretary and members of the Palestinian Regional Leadership, the leadership of the People's Liberation War vanguards Organization – Assaika, a number of comrades heads and secretaries of the Palestinian organizations in Syria, the deceased family and a large number of his comrades and friends.

Al-Hirmasy: We will continue the work for the principles that brought us together on the path of Resistance

Comrade Mohammed Saleh al-Hirmasy, member of the NL of the Party, delivered the National Leadership speech in which he praised the virtues and qualities of the deceased, pointing out that the deceased was an example of the struggling Baathist who believes in the principles and objectives of the Baath.

Comrade al-Hirmasy said: "Abo al-Aabed is faraway from us, but he is present inside us, as the one who works along with his comrades with the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad to make the Party a driving force of history and life, will never be absent. He left us while he is still one of the Baath shining flames, however, his fight for his nation's causes - first and foremost the Palestinian cause which lived in his heart, conscience and thought – did not leave."

He added: " Words are not sufficient to describe the good values of the deceased, but the faithfulness to his remarkable deeds and good works  obliges us to say: Aba al-Aabed! You will stay among us and we promise your pure soul that we will continue your struggle path, the path of all our national struggle symbols who preceded you. We will remain comrades who hold amiability and faithfulness to a memory of struggle that motivates us to continue giving and work through our practices, behavior and continuous effort to continue the struggle march of our Party and nation."

He concluded : " Be sure Aba al-Abed that Palestine will always  unite us in the time of division and heartburn. Palestine will always bring us together in the time of division and strife..  Jerusalem will remain our Qiblah. Return will remain our objective. Liberation will remain our aim. we will continue to work for the principles that brought us on the way of Resistance, as the Resistance is our way, Arabism is our identity and belief is our immortal message."

Ms. Jibril: The deceased was of a national principle and a Palestinian sentiment

Mrs. Samira Jibril, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for Liberating Palestine - General Leadership,  delivered the word of the deceased friends, in which she confirmed that  the deceased  was a basic element of the Palestinian revolution and its leaderships, pointing out that the deceased Khalifa was of a national principle and a Palestinian sentiment. He willingly and consciously chose to be so and remained so until the last moment of his life." She added: "  The deceased was a symbol of content, honesty and integrity. He planted in the generations the love of science and knowledge, the love of sacrifice and the spirit of belonging to the homeland.  He had never compromised on the Palestinian right." She concluded by giving her greetings to the martyrs of the Arab nation and the Syrian Arab Army, who is currently fighting on behalf of the Arab nation."

Khalifa: is a loss to all the Palestinians who he lived for and died defending their cause
The word of the deceased family was delivered by his daughter Rula Khalifa who mentioned the virtues of her father: " He was an enthusiastic nationalist, a chivalrous of great determination and a very modest man . He spoke little and worked a lot. He was generous and had virtuous tongue and clean hands. He was an ascetic who was not occupied by the joys of the world. He was faithful to his friends and acquaintances, severe in the right and invulnerable against enemies."

She added: I greet you and condole you for the great loss of the country, as he was indeed a loss for the whole homeland and its just cause, as well as a  loss for the Palestinians who he lived for and died defending their right cause." 

She concluded by thanking the national leadership of the Party and the Palestinian factions. She also gave a special thanks to the  Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad for " the great attention and care he gave us and we pray to God to give him lasting health, long life and victory over the enemies of the homeland."

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