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In a statement on 23/12/2016, The Baath Arab Socialist Party in Yemen congratulated Syria for the Syrian Arab Army's great victory in Aleppo. The statement confirmed that this victory was a historic triumph over evil and terrorist forces that aimed to make Aleppo a starting point to target Arabism Syria steadfastness in the face of the international and Arab conspiracy against this resistant country.

The statement expressed its confidence in the Syrian Arab Army and its  continuous victories throughout all Syria. This Army proved that it is the bulwark and the main defender of the Nation's causes and its civilized project, as well as being the safe haven for all  honorable Arabs.

On the other hand, in a statement on 31/12/2016, the Baath Arab Socialist Party in Sudan congratulated Syria  leadership, people, Army and Party for the consecutive victories in Aleppo over the armed terrorist gangs. The statement considered these victories an important step on the way to completely eliminate terrorism.

The statement also stressed that these victories opened the way towards the final victory of Syria over terrorism, calling for more cohesion among the Syrians behind their brave Army, steadfast wise leadership and faithful allies and warned of the dangers of the colonial and Zionist forces and some reactionary Arab regimes, such as: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and their subordinates who seek to undermine the victory through their media, spread hatred poisons and conspire against the Syrian Arab Army's victories.

The statement expressed its confidence in the Syrian Arab Army and its ability to continue the victory, emphasizing that the conspiracy pages against the Arab Nation in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen and all the Arab Homeland will be folded and the history will draw the lines of victory and steadfastness against the Nation's enemies.

Moreover, the Central Leadership of the Progressive Baath Arab Party in Jordan received congratulations for the Syrian Arab Army's victories over the terrorist gangs in Aleppo. Comrade Dabbour, Secretary-General of the Progressive Baath Arab Party, visited the Party's office in Jordan on 28/12/2016 and stressed that defeating the terrorist gangs and their supporters internationally, regionally and on Arab level forms a new victory for Syria over terrorism. Representative Dr. Nidal Taani, Leadership member, was among the attendants and gave a declaration to the Syrian Arab TV congratulating Syria  Leadership, people, Army, and Party for Aleppo victory and calling for achieving security and stability in all Arab Syria territories.

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