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In a statement on 13/1/2017, the Baath Arab Socialist Party in Yemen condemned the Zionist aggression against Syria, emphasizing that it is a cheap attempt to distract the compass of the victories which were achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against the terrorist gangs.

The statement said: " Proceeding with this arrogance, would lead the region into the unknown. What was before Aleppo is different from what happened after the victory of Aleppo". The statement also condemned this arrogance which is expected from an enemy who has worked to make crises in the region and threatened its security and stability. The statement demanded the International Community, the General Secretariat of the United Nations and the Security Council to bear their legal and ethical responsibility and face such Zionist practices, supported by Arab reactionary forces which represent the other face of the Zionist entity, The House of Saud regime, with a direct encouragement from the US Administration.

The statement warned the Zionist entity and its allies from the consequences of persistence and arrogance, stressing that any connivance of the Settllist entity and the foolish Wahhabi regime actions would lead the region and the world into a bloody end.

The statement pointed out that through its aggression against Syria, the Zionist entity is trying to steal the happiness of the Syrian brave army victories and sacrifices. The statement also drew the attention to the rout defeat inflicted on  the axes of evil, first and foremost, the Gulf regimes that dedicate themselves as protectorates and colonies in the service of the Zionist Settllist entity, which was panicked by the victories of the Syrian Arab Army.                   

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