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The International Meeting in Kazakhstani capital Astana, held on 23 and 24 January 2017, was an important step on the way to a political settlement of the crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic, especially when it succeeded in achieving a ceasefire for a specific period of time. This paved the way to a dialogue among the Syrians, even if a number of armed factions did not join the ceasefire agreement in Syria. The Meeting created positive atmospheres and conditions for a comprehensive ( Syrian-Syrian) negotiation process under the auspices of the UN in Geneva at the end of February 2017, According to what is declared until this moment.

The final statement of the Meeting confirmed abidance by the sovereignty, independence and territorial unity of the Syrian Arab Republic, being a democratic, multi-ethnic and religions and non- sectarian state and stressed that the only solution to the crisis would be through a political process. The statement announced the formation of a tripartite mechanism (Russian, Turkish, Iranian) to monitor the ceasefire and emphasized the determination to fight terrorism and continue this path which may lead to an international agreement to eliminate the terrorist organizations in Syria, as it is necessary to put an end to the armed elements who did not join the ceasefire agreement in Syria, and unite efforts to push the settlement process forward until achieving its goals.

The meetings of Astana proved to all international and regional sides that there is no military solution to the crisis in Syria and that dialogue is the only way to solve it. Any plans to put obstacles in the way of political talks will complicate the situation and will not lead to any result. The meetings also proved an increasing Russian role and a retreating American one, as the facts on the ground show the disintegration of the aggression camp against Syria.

Undoubtedly, Astana meeting represents the beginning of a political solution to the crisis in Syria, especially as it led to marginalizing the supporters and sponsors of terrorism. What is also important is that Syria is proceeding with eliminating the terrorist organizations which did not join the agreement and that the Syrian Arab army, in cooperation with the Popular Defense Groups and reservist Forces, is accomplishing its duties in restoring security and stability to many sites, towns, cities and villages in all Syria's territories, the latest of which was Barada Valley in Damascus western countryside after a series of successful military operations.   

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