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The 22nd of February is the 59th Anniversary of the first Arab unitary experience between Syria and Egypt. It came to interpret the Arab masses demand in the two brotherly countries and to end the darkness of division, imposed by long periods of occupation and its outcomes of backwardness, ignorance and exploitation.

Dear Comrades,

The BASP worked for Arab Unity and took part in any unitary work that could lead to comprehensive Arab unity. Therefore, it met with the July Revolution in Egypt and the United Arab Republic was established. It met with the Revolution in Iraq and the unity between the two countries was about to be achieved. Moreover, the BASP had significant contributions in establishing the Arab Republics Unity: Syria, Egypt and Libya and, later, in the work to bring Sudan into this Federation.

These unitary experiences did not last long and did not find their way to take any role in the Arab nation progress, due to the bad developments in the Arab region: The civil war in Lebanon, the Iraqi-Iranian war, the continued Zionist aggression and its occupation of Palestine, the Golan and part of Lebanon, the US invasion of Iraq, the Zionist aggression on Lebanon and Gaza and finally the by proxy wars, waged by the Neo-Zionists and their tools, the terrorist groups and mercenaries in Syria and other Arab countries in order to overthrow the Arab regimes that resist the Zio-American project, create chaos in the Arab world in order to divide it into fighting sectarian and ethnic entities, the so-called "Arab Spring", control the Arab homeland and their wealth, obliterate the Arab identity and eliminate the Arab ambition of unity that was a step toward a comprehensive unity which is feared by the hostile forces because it would be the Arabs source of strength. Therefore, the conspirators are working with the hostile forces to plot conspiracies inside and outside the Arab world and they succeeded when the disaster of secession took place in 1961, which was a heinous crime, carried out by the conspirators who took advantage of the mistakes of the unity experience and eliminated the newly born unity.

All these developments placed other tasks among the priorities, first and foremost, confronting the Zionist aggression, working to liberate the occupied territories, and facing the terrorist groups and takfiri terrorism which are wreaking havoc in more than one Arab country.

Dear Comrades,

Arab unity is not an existing reality, it is a sought after reality which will not be achieved in the Arab League or its statements or resolutions. The remembrance of the unity is a gathering national occasion in which we recall its high meanings in strengthening the patriotic and national cohesion and confronting the Zionist enemy, the takfiri terrorism, and all the conspiracies and plots against our Arab Syria and the other Arab countries.

Let the unity Anniversary be an occasion to spread Arab Unity culture among popular environments by investing all available resources to make the unity a part of the popular thinking of Arab citizens, working to strengthen the integration among Arab countries in all areas, rejecting division and adversity and exposing them, and building the strong unified Arab homeland which is capable of affecting and which respects differences and diversity, stays away from sectarian and racism, interacts with new events, bears the responsibility of Arab nation's causes, especially the Palestinian cause, maintains the stability of the Arab countries and their freedom and right to live in dignity without external interferences, and works to spread the culture of democracy and accepting the others.

Let this Anniversary be an occasion to confirm the principles of our great Party: Our Arab homeland is a political and economic indivisible unity and that any country can not complete its life conditions, isolated from the other. The Arabs alone have the right to conduct their affairs and wealth and guide their capabilities. Our Arab nation is a cultural unity which has advantages manifested in its successive renaissances. It has fertile vitality and creativity and it is capable of renewal and revival. It has am Immortal Message that appears in renewed integrated forms through the stages of history and aims at renewing human values, stimulating human progress and developing harmony and cooperation among nations.

Let the Anniversary of the Syrian-Egyptian unity be an occasion to emphasize fighting terrorism, which is implementing a foreign agenda that serves the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation: World Zionism, the West in general and the Zionist entity, in particular, which are working to break up the Arab homeland and plant discord among the Arabs who are connected by an only national existing tie in the Arab state that ensures the harmony among citizens and their smelting in the crucible of one nation.

Les this Anniversary be an occasion to build an effective Arab economic power in the world; achieve Arab economic integration; strengthen the Arab national identity; have pride in the glorious Arab past and heritage; promote moral, national and patriotic values represented in national unity and Arab unity and work to build an Arab generation that respects science and seeks it, believes in intellectual dialogue and acceptance of the others, and continues the march of patriotic and national struggle in order to achieve the national objectives of our Arab nation.

Immortality to Our Message

Damascus 22/2/2017

Baath Arab Socialist Party

National Leadership


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