The outcomes of the talks, held in Washington between the American President Donald Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in mid-February, showed a complete conformity of their stands with regard to the Arab region causes and the Arab-Zionist conflict.

What was present in the talks was not the Palestinian cause, but the US adoption of Netanyahu government position of excluding the possibility of the two-states solution, which was a basic element in previous American Administrations strategies since signing Oslo Agreement in 1993. Trump looks to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, after studying the issue, and asking Netanyahu to avoid the settlement for some time, a demand that will not restrain Netanyahu from continuing the settlements in the occupied Arab territories.

What has priority and importance in Trump's agenda is all that first serves the Zionist entity, which Trump considers "The strong ally, the Cultural brother and the only democratic state in the Middle East". Trump's Priority is abolishing the Nuclear deal with Iran, as it is a threat to Israel.

According to a research paper, prepared by the Zionist military expert Amir Rababurt, there will be a clear intimacy in Trump Administration relationship toward Israel and President Trump's policy for Israel, which will directly  appear in the military support, especially High-Tech issues that Obama Administration refused to  deliver to Israel.

The unlimited support of the United States to Israel is not new or unusual, as they are both belong to one culture, the culture of death, rape, murder, despoliment, destruction and racism. Therefore, the Zionist entity is looking for earning many gains on the Palestinian issue under Trump Administration which is fully biased for the Zionist occupation.

We conclude that what is taking place calls for precaution, vigilance, healing  the Arab split, resolving internal crises, renouncing sectarian sedition, unifying the Palestinian ranks and being aware that what is planned for the Arab nation is alarming, as it is aiming at eliminating the Palestinian cause. Therefore, strong will is required to change the equation so that the Arab countries will become first. This will be done by activating the Resistance against the American and Zionist projects which are hostile to the Arab nation and the future of its children.