• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

On 4/2/2017, the Jordanian Coalition of Nationalist and Leftist Parties issued a statement: " The recent Jordanian government actions and declarations, as well as the results of the latest opinion polls showed the risks of the widening gap between the government and the Society majority. This forces all the organized national forces to oppose the economic measures that lead into more distortion in the economic structure, rise in prices and severe deterioration in living conditions of the working class and the overwhelming majority of the popular and middle classes.

The Coalition condemned  the American Administration call to move its embassy to Jerusalem and all the Israeli measures to confiscate the lands, expand the settlements and build more in the West Bank, especially in the occupied Jerusalem and its surroundings.

The Coalition also valued the positive outcomes of the Palestinian National Council Preparatory Commission meetings in Beirut last month and the outcomes of the factions meeting in Moscow. It also confirmed the importance of restoring the unity of internal ranks and revive the PLO institutions.

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