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    National Party Organlzations 

In a statement on 21/2/2017, The Tunisian National Commission for Supporting Arab Resistance and Opposing Normalization and Zionism demanded the Tunisian authorities to restore full diplomatic relations with Syria.

The Commission emphasized the importance of the Tunisian delegation meetings with the officials, popular events and citizens in Damascus and Aleppo. The members of the delegation expressed the Tunisian people pride in the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people under the leadership of His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad, the cohesion of the steadfast Syrian people, the victories over the takfiri Zionist terrorist groups, and the overthrowing of the cosmic conspiracy plotted by the Imperialist aggression forces and carried out by their tools: The Zionist Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi alliance in an attempt to target Syria and its national stand and resistant approach.

The statement said that more than 360 thousand mercenary terrorists from more than 80 countries, were recruited, including thousands of Tunisian youths males and females to destroy Syria, kill thousands of its people, target its institutions, and undermine its patriotic and national project, through which it achieved its self-sufficiency and fortified its independence and national sovereignty.

The statement thanked Syria leadership and people for hosting a delegation of the Commission and Tunisian Media people between 29/1 and 1/2 this year and for their hospitality and high care.

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