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The 54th Anniversary of the eighth of March Glorious Revolution, which came as the result of a long struggle that was launched by the BASP and the masses against all forms of  injustice and exploitation, facing the colonialism and their plans, and for building a bright  tomorrow for our Arab Nation, the Revolution which pulled down the separation strong holds, restored to Syria her bright unionist face and achieved  a  great victory by the blessed Corrective Movement, which corrected the track of the Revolution and restored to it its capability to give and made it more comprehensive, more renewed, solid and lasting in the face of all severe  hurricanes that hit the Arab reality during the recent decades.                                   


The 54th Anniversary of the March Revolution comes this year while Syria, the source of the Revolution is being exposed, since six years, to an atrocious terrorist aggression that wants to deviate Syria from the track of confrontation with the Zionist enemy. It also wants to crumble the state and inflame sedition among the one people children, weaken Syria and undermine her patriotic national stands; first of all, resisting the occupation, liberating the usurped land in the Golan and Palestine and building the national advancement project… But Syria is living a state of steadfastness and confrontation against this hostile atrocious attack which is launched by the forces of colonialism and aggression together with the conspirators and stooges which implement external agendas. But Syria will not fall because its fall means the fall of all the Arabs. She will triumph over the conspiracy because her victory is a victory for all Arabs and it will restore to the Arab Nation its unity and national humanitarian role. The strength and faith of  the Arab people in Syria in aborting the conspiracy and protecting the March Revolution achievements of 54 years, are enhanced by the presence of the Syrian Arab Army  and Armed Forces which had the decisive role in igniting the Revolution on the side of our people  children. Our people who proved  to be the strongest in confronting the projects of old and new hegemony and colonialism, facing and eliminating terrorism. Our people will remain, as the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party, His Excellency President Bashar al-Assad, said: “   The security and stability support in Syria and the region and it is the bastion that walls in the homeland and defends its sovereignty and dignity”, so that the Revolution continues building the new society, protecting it on the basis of the Baath principles, ideology and long struggle on the road of achieving our great objectives of Unity, Freedom and Socialism.


The Glorious March Revolution Anniversary is an occasion in which we emphasize the Revolution contents, features and approach which is derived from the masses hopes and aspirations. Our Revolution was not an event that took place and went away, nor it was a phase that went away, but it is a youth movement, enthusiast, continuing forward, vital, always renewal, capable of dealing with the changeable reality, a revolutionary dealing, thanks to the determination of our party, masses and nation, and the insistence on abiding by the principles, aims and rights, because reality never knows repose. The life is moving it does not stand still, and changes are numerous and do not pity those who tarry, delay or wait.                   

The Anniversary is a pause for assessment, for revival and tabulating of the last period of the revolution years. It is also an occasion for our Arab people and nation masses children to renew their determination to go on the road of Revolution and Correction which restored to it its brightness and made it a Revolution that gains the dimensions of its existence and continuation. This articular phase we are undergoing today demands more alertness  and readiness by all the patriotic and national parties, movements and forces and activities, and to double the efforts and work with strong determination and will to develop our experiment and update its contents  in order to be able to build the strength which is needed to liberate the  occupied land,  restore our rights, fight the takfiri terrorism and activate our nation civilized humanitarian role on the march of the all mankind, to achieve victory and guarantee a bright future for our Arab Nation Children.           

Long live our Arab Nation Struggle for Liberation, Progress and Unity.

Glory and Immortality to our Martyrs, the Most Generous and Noblest of Mankind.     

Immortality to Our Message

Damascus 8/3/2017

National Leadership    

Baath Arab Socialist Party

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