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Our Nation Masses and the Arab Palestinian People, celebrate on the 30th  of  March the  Forty First Anniversary of the Land Day whose events go back to the 30th of  March 1976 when the Palestinians rose up in Aljalil, Almuthalath  and Naqab to defend their land and dignity and bravely resist the Zionist occupation authorities resolutions that confiscated thousands of acres of lands Sekhnin, Araba, Arab Alsawaed and Deir Hanna and other places, plucking out the trees, destroying the houses and evacuating the population in order to build on them Zionist colonies according to the enemy plans that aim at Judaize Palestine whole land and deeply establish its occupation of the land.                                                                

This Anniversary comes while the Palestinian cause is exposed to big dangers which are shown by attempts to marginalize and liquidate it for the interest of the Zionist entity and for deviating the Arab-Zionist conflict compass toward other directions, especially if we knew that some Arab and regional regimes are supporting Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria in order to serve the Zionist and colonialist West interests, and even instigate seditions and ignite civil wars that bleed the Arab armies capabilities by internal confrontations, instead of defending themselves facing the Zionist occupation or liberating the occupied Arab land, and more annoying, one of the Arab countries (the United Arab Emirates)  is carrying out joint military maneuvers  with the Zionist enemy  in Greece, not caring at all for the Arab people blood in Palestine, Syria and Yemen, paying no attention to the Zionist enemy air raids on the Syrian land in order to back the defeated takfiri terrorist detachments and herds.                                                                                            

This Anniversary comes also this year amidst escalated Zionist enemy aggressions, not only on the occupied Palestine lands, but inside the SAR lands. The recent barefaced aggression (17.3) comes within a long series of aggressions by the Zionist   enemy, violating the Disengagement Agreement of 1974, the UN Charter and the International Law Rules, in order to go far in backing its stooges: the terrorist organization “ISIS” and “Al nusra” as well as other gangs in the terrorist war against Syria, as well as being  desperate attempts to elevate their collapsed morals and  deviate attention away from the great victories of our army heroes in confronting the armed terrorist groups.                                                                                          


Our great Party, the BASP, and starting from the principle: “the Land is the quintessence of the conflict”, emphasizes that the land was and still is the true expression of the identity which is above any one of the Arab existence elements. The Zionist practices and aggressions will not deter the Arab people in Palestine and in the other Arab countries from clinging to the land, to the Arab identity, and emphasizing that the occupied land will sooner or later return to its owners, the Palestinians.                                                                                                                 Our party also emphasizes that the Arab new dominating division situation warns of neglecting the rights and land and marginalizing the Palestinian cause, which used to form the Arabs central cause. This requires the need to unite and cling to the rights and land as long as it forms the guarantee for restoring the occupied lands and the usurped rights. History experiments proved with no doubt that the rights will not be lost through the passage of time, and the usurper of land and right cannot    continue his aggression and his occupation is certainly transient if the land owners remained clinging to their land and determined to liberate it and restore all the usurped rights, a head of them the Right to Return.                        

 Arabism Syria who stood, with her people, army, leadership and all political forces in the face of the conspiracy since six years, repulsing  attempts that want to confiscate her national decision about the Palestinian cause and at a time while she considers any foreign presence on Syrian land, with no coordination with the Syrian government, as an occupation which shall be dealt with   as an occupation of the Syrian land, emphasize that she will stand on the side of the Arab Palestinian people in their struggle and resistance against the Zionist occupier until they liberate their land and home and determine their own destiny and future. She will remain steadfast with her people, army and leadership against all forms of aggression, she will triumph whatever the sacrifices were. Her victory is the victory of Palestine and the Palestinian people and all the Arabs.                                        


Recalling the Land Day immortalizes the martyrs who gave their souls on the thirtieth of March in 1976. It also immortalize the Palestinian people heroism in rebuffing the plans of Judaizing and confiscating the lands. It is a recalling  of  the Palestinian resistance symbols, a sympol of clinging to the land and national patriotic identity and defense of existence, despite state terrorism that is practiced by the Zionist occupation against  the Palestinian people in order to detach them off their land and home.                                                                                               

The thirtieth of March every year is a motive for the freedom fighters in the occupied Arab lands and in the world to continue the march until liberating the occupied Arab lands and restoring the full rights. The resistance is the sharpest weapon and most ideal strategy for facing the occupation and its terrorist practices, and here are the land true owners, still adhering to their land and determined to liberate it.

The Land Day shall remain a day for facing the policy of settlement and land confiscating and Judaizing. It is an assertion of our people clinging to their national patriotic identity and their right to defend their existence and the return of the Palestinian refugees to their home, Palestine.

The Palestinian cause shall remain the Baath central cause. Our party, the BASP, shall remain the party of Palestine. Standing  at the side of the Arab Palestinian people in their just struggle to restore their legislative rights. It will  continue the struggle side by side with the Arab Nation children to back the Arab causes, liberate the occupied  Arab territory and face the challenges of the nation present and future.                                                                                                                             

Long live the Palestinian Struggle for Liberating the Man and the Land.

Glory and Immortality for the Martyrs of Palestine and the Arab Nation.

Immortality to Our Message                                                    


National Leadership    

Baath Arab Socialist Party

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