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The fifth round of sessions of the   Syrians- Syrians dialogue which began very slowly at Geneva on 24.03.2017 with the participation of the Syrian Arab Republic and other delegations despite the break down, obstacles and prior conditions that are set by the Riyadh  opposition delegation operators. Hoping  to achieve a progress toward the peaceful solution.

The round was accompanied by a call from the UN Special Envoy De Mistura

, to Russia, Iran and the Turkish regime to exert emergency efforts to maintain the system of stopping the fight operations in Syria in order to improve the conditions on the land and contribute to insuring  an environment that helps a distinctive political process at Geneva.

Despite the above mentioned, the terrorist “ Alnusra Front” and the other terrorist groups under its banners  escalated attacks on the civilian populated areas  in Damascus. The governorate of Hama also was attacked by terrorist attacks, carried out by several terrorist organizations allying with “ Alnusra Front”  also at the same timing of this round , aiming to affect and impede the talks.

Every time the Syrian Arab Army advances in the field and hopes of moving a step toward the peaceful solution, the regional supporters of terrorism move their tools on the ground by launching perfidious attacks, trying to prove their presence. The opening  of  Damascus Circumference front at Jubar and Hama countryside is nothing but  an evidence of the bad situation they reached at.

 The SAR delegation, during the talks session on 25.03, presented a paper on terrorism fighting and dealt with the presented four baskets in parallel way. But the developments that took place   on the ground required that the terrorism basket be discussed first. The delegation presented during the talks session of 27.03 a paper of principles about the Constitution in order to begin correctly with any constitutional process dialogue.

Despite all the Riyadh opposition’s operators and the chess pawns they move as they want and wish to break down the dialogue that wants to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, Syria shall go on her conception of the solution through two paralleled tracks: terrorism combating and Syrians- Syrians dialogue. She is open to dialogue with all, provided that they put the arms down and abide by the constitution. She is going ahead with the people-backed conciliations and she is achieving positive results.

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