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On 18/3/2017, the BASP Regional Leadership in Yemen issued a statement condemning the Zionist entity attacks on Syria and the barefaced violation of her national sovereignty

The statement said that the coward aggression, which took place simultaneously with the terrorist bombings committed recently by the terrorist groups in Damascus, clearly exposed the close connection between this aggression and the Zionist enemy, the Gulf and Turkish regimes. The statement stressed its support to all the practical steps taken by the Syrian Arab Army to defend its land and national sovereignty.

The statement renewed its urgent call to the international bodies and organizations to condemn this Zionist aggression and compel it to stop the frequent violations of the Syrian territories, to stop supporting terrorism and the terrorist groups in Syria and to implement the International Community resolutions regarding the withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories.

Comrade Dabour, Secretary-General of the Jordanian Progressive Baath Party, confirmed, in an article on 19/3/ 2017 entitled "Syria” ( The  Zionist Aggression is Repeated), that this aggression shows that the armed terrorists are working according to a plan prepared by the Zionists and their supporters. What happened is an open contravention of the United Nations Charter.

On the other hand, the National Union of Syrian Students - the Hungarian branch, “For Syria Forum” and the Syrian Arab community members in Hungary denounced, in a statement on 18/3/2017, denounced the barefaced Zionist aggression on the Syrian territories. The statement emphasized the support of the students, the Syrian community and “For Syria Forum” to the heroic Syrian Arab army which is confronting the armed terrorist organizations.

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