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    National Party Organlzations 

In a statement on 8/3/2017 on the 54th Anniversary of the eighth of March Revolution, the Regional Leadership of the BASP in Yemen confirmed that the March Revolution erupted to maintain the identity and dignity of the nation and to confront the encircling dangers. The statement pointed out that the achievements of March Revolution in Syria created the legendary steadfastness during six years of conspiracy and aggressive terrorist war that targets Syria's people, state and army. The statement saluted the Syrian people determination, their wise leadership and the Syrian Arab army steadfastness in the face of the conspiracy and aggression.                                                                                  

Moreover, the Palestinian Regional Leadership of the BASP saluted, in a statement, the Glorious March Revolution and stressed that it is an occasion in which the Syrian Arab people renew their determination to adhere to the Revolution path and Correction approach that restored its radiance and made it a revolution that gains the dimensions of its existence and permanence.                                                                                

The statement demanded the patriotic and national parties, movements and forces to be more attentive and ready and to double the efforts to develop the glorious March Revolution experience and to update its contents in order to build the force required to combat the takfiri terrorism and its outcomes.                                                                             

The statement pointed out that Syria is undergoing a rabid terrorist aggression that aims at diverting her from the path of confronting the Zionist enemy, breaking up the state entity, stimulating the spirit of sedition among the sons of the one people, weakening Syria and undermining her patriotic and national stands. The statement also emphasized that Syria will triumph over this aggression, as her victory is the victory of the Arabs and will return to the Arab Nation its unity and national and humanitarian role.                                                                        

The Leadership stressed again that the March Revolution was an outcome of a long struggle of the BASP along with the Masses against all forms of injustice, exploitation and colonialists and their schemes         

On the other hand, the Syrian students in the Czech Republic confirmed their support to their country in facing the terrorist war. The statement said that the March revolution made Syria a force that frightens all the forces that turn around the orbit of Imperialism and Zionism and became tools to conspire against Syria.

The statement explained that the aggression and conspiracy that Syria is witnessing today, as well as being targeted by the United States, the Zionism and their allies and tools in the region and the world are all due to Syria's adherence to her national principled stands.

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