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           The NL of the BASP

  On the Perfidious American Aggression on Shaeerat Air base at Homs  countryside 

On Friday morning, 7.04.2017, the US launched a barefaced aggression on AlShaeerat airbase at Homs countryside, by several missiles that left a number of martyrs and several wounded, among them were women and children, and caused big material damages.                                                                                     

This   barefaced aggression asserts the continuation of the wrong American strategy toward the Syrian crisis and destroys the terrorism combating process being carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and places the USA in one rank as a partner with “ISIS” and “ Alnusra Front” and other organizations who, since  the beginning of the aggression against Syria, repeatedly attack the Syrian army positions and military bases.                                                         

This perfidious aggression against Syria’s sovereignty is a dangerous escalation that jeopardizes regional and world security and represents a flagrant violation of the International Laws and Norms, as well as being one of the state terrorism forms, serving the Zionist colonialist plans. Syria, who is being exposed, since more than six years, to the most atrocious Imperialist attack , led by the USA and its supporters in regional and Arab countries under flimsy pretexts in order to undermine her land and people unity in facing the Zionist entity and weaken her patriotic, national and international role that supports the Arab resistance against the Zionist occupation and backs the just Arab and international causes, shall remain tirelessly confronting the colonialist Zionist plans.  She considered that such aggression would not have happened were it not for the brave Syrian Arab Army victories on the road of restoring security and stability to all parts of the homeland and destroying lots of armed terrorist groups.                                        

This made the USA and those who follow its orbit, escalate the events in Syria, militarily, politically and informationally through inventing and fabricating accusations and lies, such as accusing the Syrian Arab Army of using chemical weapons.  How can an army use chemical weapons, which it does not have, against its people, while at the same time, it is making great advance on the ground, with traditional weapons, against the terrorists.                                       

The false pretexts that are being sold by the USA and its allies and stooges for aggression and war on Syria were previously used in their aggression on Iraq which led to occupy it in 2003 and their pretexts were disclosed  and cannot be logically accepted once again.                                                                                    

The USA built its aggression on accusations and media reports that were aired by anti- Syria sat channels, terrorist’s pretexts and arbitrary photographs and videos  on the internet.

The USA built its aggression on accusations and media reports. They were aired by anti-Syria sat channels, terrorist pretexts and arbitrary photographs and videos on the internets. If the West had single evidence, it would have announced it to the world. But they insist to ignore the UN role and the Intl Security Council specializations of deciding such issues in order to inflame the sedition and prolong the war and crisis and break down the political solution in Syria and ignite a war all over the region.                        

The barefaced American aggression would not have been happened were it not for the existence of an official Arab regime, led by a number of rulers (chess pawns) who move according to  designs and conspiracies designed for them in the secret western American cellars, and the official Arab regime becoming top stooges on the scale of Zionization  when a number of Arab countries, such as  Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan, support the aggression which wants to hit Syria and destroy her capabilities, infrastructures and  the elements of her political resistant stand, within a framework of a desperate attempt to destroy and disassemble Syria and spread chaos and disturbances in Syria to limit her  pivotal role in the region.                                                                                   

The NL of the BASP, while condemning the barefaced aggression, it is addressing our nation masses, political parties, people organizations, social and cultural activities and civil societies to bear their responsibilities and perform the role required from them and stand in the face of the American aggression and the Zionist western atrocious attack on Syria, which targets not only Syria but the Arab nation security and stability. The national responsibility requires more alert, movement and capacities mobilization and activities, as well as political and popular moves to deter the aggressor and defend the Arab Syria who always supported the Arab national causes. Syria also calls for the Arab parties to play their role and to raise up the Arab masses to reject the stands taken by  a number of Arab countries which supported and legalized the aggression, not only on Iraq and Libya but also on Syria, not realizing that the fire will quickly burn the whole Arab region in which Syria is the region pulsing heart, and its consequences shall not stop at any limit.                             

We also call upon all friendly parties and international community institutions and free opinions in the world to bear their responsibilities and carry out a wide popular move and mobilize the energies and escalate their political movement at all levels to back the Syrian Arab people and show their solidarity with them against this aggression and stop the occurrence of other similar aggressions in order to maintain international  peace and security and reject external interventions in sovereign states internal affairs and to solve problem through dialogue and peaceful ways, discard wars and military power use, in order to create a secure and stable world with all its people living in peace, security and . prosperity

  Immortality to Our Message    

Damascus, 7.04.2017



National Leadership    

Baath Arab Socialist Party




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