This Anniversary comes under complex and difficult circumstances while the Arab Nation and countries are facing takfiri terrorist gangs in more than one country and killing Arab people and displacing millions of them to become refugees, emigrants and displaced, as well as threatening the security and stability of the whole region.

This Anniversary comes also at a time during which Syria, the springboard of the Baath, is being attacked by the most dangerous enemy in the contemporary history. A takfiri terrorist aggression that targets Arabism Syria with her people, entity and role, as well as it targets the Baath      as an Arab national movement which struggles for a unified and free Arab society prevailed by justice and equality.                                                                                                                 

Our Arab Nation’s Children:

The Arab Nation today is in a bad need to the Baath   and its alert unitary national ideology. The Baath  which confronted colonialism, over thrown the governments which dealt with it, and faced hostile conspiracies against the Arab Nation and defeated them. Targeting Syria today, since the start of the aggressive terrorist war against it six years ago, comes in the context of Syria national positions and the Arab national advancing project held by the BASP which works to achieve it.      

This project is the real force of the Arabs in their confrontation with the hostile western and Zionist projects and with the takfiri terrorism that exhausts the Arab force and tries to weaken it to make the Arab helpless target for the western and Zionist ambitions.

 In order to keep the Baath remains and able to survive and face the challenges of the current stage, it’s reality must be reviewed. A constructive critical review that allows the Baath to identify the defect areas to treat and correct them, as well as the right areas to strength them and solidify them, especially that the Baath holds an Arab national advancing project that faces the hostile projects which seek to push towards abandoning this project to serve the interests of the Arab Nation enemies. This project which preserves Arab existence and its culture, civilization, history, geography, language and cultural diversity is incomparable. This requires adhering to this honorable project and working to achieve it with all power, thought and practice. 70 years after its foundation and 77 years after its beginnings, the Baath must be more attached to the Arab masses in order to be strong and capable of continuing its great national project, as the Arab masses, that the Baath expresses their ambitions and pains, believed in the Baath as a way out of their deteriorating reality under the yoke of colonialism, feudalism and backwardness.                     

If the Baath wants to remain strong and capable of facing the Qatari thought, which is currently spread among some due to the stands of a number of Arab regimes that gave up their Arabism and stood by the nation’s enemies to serve the interests of the west and Zionism in order to keep their thrones and power under the protection of the American battleships  and Zio-western  air force; it has to maintain its Arab identity, struggle spirit, national ideology culture and destiny and prepare the leading frames and educating them with struggle national culture in order to enable the Arab Masses to face the ways and practices of the reactionary regimes that serve the nation’s enemies who are fighting the Arab nation to push it to give up its Arabism and crucial national cause, first and foremost, the Palestinian cause. This does not reflect the stand of the Arab citizens throughout our great Arab homeland, however, it reflects the situation of the reactionary Arab regimes that deviate, with their narrow regional thought, from nationalism towards achieving self- interests that do not serve the homeland, but serve their own narrow interests, thus they serve those who are against the Arab national advancing project.                                                            

Dear comrades,

Despite the weak and conspiring stands of some Arab parties towards the injustice aggressive war on Syria and the support of some other parties to this war openly and publically and although the Arabs in their previous summits ,since suspending Syria's membership in the Arab League in 2011 although she is one of the seven founding countries of the League , took decisions that bring foreign military aggression to their own homelands, such as Libya and Syria , to serve the Zionist entity, and  the west at the expense of the central cause of the Arab Nation, the Palestinian cause , and at the expense of the Arab National Security ,and work to fuel the sectarian conflicts in the Arab countries attacked by terrorism through barefaced interventions in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. Despite all these, Syria will remain fully committed to the patriotic and national struggle tirelessly until liberating the occupied Arab territories, returning the rights to their owners, and defeating all conspiracies, as she used to do throughout her long struggle history. Whenever some Arabs ignite wars and conflicts in the Arab region, Syria will face and put them out. Whenever some Arabs, involved with abroad ,and their tools inside try to destabilize the stability of the region and the Arab Nation and plant conflicts, Syria will work to spread stability and peace and stop those who are carrying out an agenda blessed by the enemies of the Arab Nation : the west and the world Zionism , Syria will frustrate all the schemes that aim at splitting and dividing the Arab World .She will remain the destination of all Arab nationalists and noble people of the nation and she will remain the homeland of the Baath and the gathering national intellect.                                 

Dear comrades,

The BASP, which confronted the foreign conspiracies throughout its long struggle history and defeated them achieving the greatest national victories , confirms today  that it will remain strong in facing and fighting the Takfiri  reactionary ideology, despite the attempts of the Arab and regional regimes , that support terrorism, to move their tools on ground. Syria still believes that the solution is through two parallel courses: ( fighting terrorism , and making dialogue among the people of the one homeland) . She is also open to dialogue with everyone  who discards weapons after being allured , as well as she will continue to do the reconciliations which have a popular support and achieve positive outcomes.                               

The Baath's will is capable of mending the Arab rip , solving the internal crises, eliminating sectarian seditions and warning that what is being schemed for the Arab Nation is dangerous as long as the Baath is seeking to solve the Palestinian cause . The Baath's will is also capable of changing the equation so that Arab countries would become the first through activating the resistance , opposing the American and Zionist projects that are hostile to the Arab Nation and the future of its people , achieving the ambition of the Arab people in Palestine and enhancing their steadfastness in confronting the plans of the Zionist occupation and putting an end to it , in Palestine , Golan and Lebanon, and establishing the Palestinian state on the whole of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital , and the return of refugees to their land .                                                                               

Greeting of Glory and Pride to our Glorious Arab Nation and its free strugglers …

Greeting of admiration and honor to our Party strugglers everywhere…

Glory and Immortality to the martyrs of the Baath and Arab Nations.

Immortality to our Message

Damascus 7/4/2017

National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party