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The 17th  of April is the 71st Anniversary of the Evacuation Day, the departure of the last soldier of the French occupation from the homeland where our people crowned their victories, after 25 years of struggle and revolutions against the occupiers, with great celebrations all over the country, on 17.04.1946 which is considered a National Day.

Dear Comrades,

The Independence Anniversary comes this year at a time while Syria is still facing an aggressive war since more than six years, led by the USA and some Arab and non-Arab countries, using local and stooges tools in order to undermine Syria’s patriotic and national stands, backing the Arab resistance against the Zionist occupation. Syria is also at a time during  which she was exposed to a perfidious American aggression on Alshaeerat Air Base in Homs countryside, with knowledge and welcome by France (the colonialist power which had occupied Syria and evacuated from its land  because of the Syrian Arab people resistance and struggles on 17.04.1946  ) in an attempt to demolish the Syrian Arab Army patriotic mission of combating terrorism and defending the homeland and its citizens, as well as the values of independence and freedom. 

More than 7 decades have passed between the time, when the French occupation cannoned the Syrian parliament and Damascus in 1945, and the time when the USA bombed the Shaeerat Air Base, and just the Syrian Arab people could achieve the independence victory, they will be today at a date with achieving, once again, the victory by evacuating the terrorists and mercenaries from the homeland and defeating the aggressions and invaders who are supporting them, and also just as the evacuation was a beginning of a new stage of struggle, independence supports anchoring, strong solid homeland building and achieving the patriotic national aspiration of the people children, the Syrian Arab people will be at a new date for evacuating takfiri and Zionist terrorists out of the homeland and aborting the hostile plans and projects of their supporters.


The French colonizer evacuation out of Syria in 1946 was a definite result of a long hard struggle which the Syrians began when this colonizer tried to impose its conditions on Syria sacrifices continued through revolutions that were led by men who were the symbol and conscious of the Syrian Arab people:  Yosef Alazma in Maisaloun, Sultan Bash Al Atrash in Al Arab Mountain, Sheikh Saleh Al Ali in the Coast Mountains, Ibrahim Hanano in Aleppo and Zawieh mountain, Hasan  Alkharrat in Alghota,  Mohamad Alashmar in Damascus, Ahmad Mrewied in the Golan and Fawzi Alkawikji in Hama and central region and other heroes who led the revolutions and confirmed the unity of the Syrian blood, facing colonialism and its divisive plans, until achieving the Glorious Evacuation.


The Baath was in the midst of the anti- French occupier campaign until the end, make no truce, gave no chance, neither to them nor to their supporters. It demanded their full evacuation from the country and refused any contracting with them. In its statement “They will not Return”, on 9.06.1945, the Baath specified its national demands  and struggle strategy  which guarantee their realization. By this brave stand it later on could abort (Befen -Bedo) Agreement which wanted to divide the region between the two colonialist countries France and Britain, similar to Syks- Picot   and keep some of  their troops in Syria and Lebanon, pretending to maintain security until the UNs completes the measures which deems necessary for maintaining security in the Arab Levant. Its struggle was crowned with the French occupier full evacuation out of the homeland. This enabled the Baath to be founded in 1947 and go on its ideological, organizational and political development as a party that represents the highest form of the Arab liberation movement in the whole Arab homeland.


 The Syrian Arab people represent, by their steadfastness, the national advancement in their confrontation against terrorism. They adhere to the resistance line. They don’t bargain. They believe in dialogue as path, conciliation as an approach and combating terrorism as a firm goal. Our Syrian Arab people, who 71 years ago achieved independence because of their steadfastness, struggle and deeply established national unity, are today continuing their march of struggle rallying around their leadership and brave Syrian Arab Army in its patriotic and national mission of chasing the terrorists and kicking the aliens out, end the crisis, achieve the great national conciliation and complete the march of independence with liberating all the soils  of the occupied Arab territories in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and complete the liberation of each and every spot in Syria from the dirt of terrorism and armed terrorist groups, abort their dark takfiri plan and advance our nation and society for building the Arab national renaissance   project.

Greeting to our Nation Martyrs, who sacrificed their blood for independence.

Greeting to our Brave Syrian Army Souls.

 Greeting to our Arab Syrian Army, faithful to the objectives of the Baath and masses.

Greeting to our steadfast people in the Golan. We are at a soon to come date with liberation and perfect independence.

Greeting to our Arab people children in Syria and the other Arab countries and all the Arab resistants against all forms of occupation and exploitation.  

  Immortality to Our Message    

Damascus, 17.04.2017          

National Leadership    

Baath Arab Socialist Party

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