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    National Party Organlzations 

The Working class and its unionist organization in Syria, as well as Arab and world workers, celebrate the May Day which comes this year amongst difficult , complicated and dangerous situations while the Arab homeland, in general , and Syria in particular , are facing a major war which is working to redraw the geopolitical  maps of the region and the whole world, tearing out Arab Society and crumbling the nation , targeting  everything that the Syrians Arab People built through decades of building and development. Our working class and our development establishments and their infrastructures ,since more than six years , are facing a systemic destruction for paralyzing the national economy and breaking down the growth march in our country .

This occasion is accompanied by the West attempts to stop the peaceful solution track for solving the crisis in Syria and to go back to the" regime change issue "through preparing a new chemical attack and accuse Syria of carrying it out as an introduction to return to the Security Council and to impose new sanctions on Syria at a time of announcing a new round of meetings in Astana on Syria on 3 and 4 May the current , at experts level.

The legendary steadfastness of the great Syrian Arab People during the past six years of the aggressive terrorist war and the unfair economic embargo was due to our working class arms and experiences which ,together with our brave army , was a symbol of firmness and victory achievement, and also due to its continued production process in the factories and all growth edifices , achievements of the national growth plans and uplifting the national production, as well as its peerless determination to challenge the difficulties and protecting its establishments and to die for them , and also due to assimilating the national conscience and political perceiving of the nature of aggression on Syria .

Comrades, Our party always paid special attention to the workers and peasants ,its organizational nucleus and struggle march . The party depended on them in its spreading ,because they are the basic power for the economic building and the widest section of our people which was the most exposed to injustice ,subdual and exploitation . The workers movement and its unionist organization had the principal role, side by side with the peasants and other popular organizations

in the battle of liberation and homeland building, as well as the battle of confrontation and steadfastness against terrorism.

Our working class history was full of national political exploits and distinguished stands which importantly affected the struggle practice of our society , party and the comprehensive growth march It, together with the peasants and other producers, effectively contributed to push forward the march of growth in order to back our national economy and perform the great role in the battle which the nation is waging for facing the dangers, terrorism and challenges. Our workers have become a basic corner in the economical social process and in establishing the national unity in order to build the developed and advanced society .

Today , while we celebrate the May Day , we emphasize the following issues :

1_ The workers are the progress and advancement march momentum in Syria. They will remain the important support and prop to achieve the advanced society and the masses interests and to lessen the areas of injustice and exploitation and achieve the society of equality and justice amongst the homeland children.

2_to continue the march , following the line of the party and the revolution, solidifying  the national steadfastness elements on different fields in order to improve the homeland situations, develop the society and back up our economy and country .

3_ To face the challenges to which our nation is exposed , first of all , the Zionist aggression danger and its aggressive plans until restoring all the Arab rights, defeat the terrorist groups and annihilate terrorism and procure the factors of creating renaissance national Arab project.

4- the importance of our workers and peasants classes in pushing forward the march of growth , production increase ,reconstruction and improving the citizen social, economic and political , as well as his development and advancement.

5_To be conscious and adhere to the national unity , continue working and production under the most difficult circumstances in order to provide the means of life for the steadfast Syrian Arab People, repairing the infrastructures , factories and establishments and defending the sites of work , responding truly and responsibly to the national duty call.

6_Enhansing the national dialogue and keep ourselves far away from following a policy of marginalization and excluding the other .


Syria , with her fully developed and deep rooted in the homeland soil, and with her productive workers who are the vanguard of the ranks in defending the homeland and form, in the depth of their belongingness , a true rare men of the heroes of our Syrian Arab Army in its heroic continues confrontation with the terrorist gangs , resisting and facing terrorism and all forms of aggression in order to make the enemies of the homeland miss the chance and prevent them from achieving any one of their objects. Our working class will remain a symbol of giving and sacrifice for the homeland pride .

Greeting to the Arab homeland workers.

Greeting to the Arab steadfast worker class in the steadfastness Syria.

Greeting to the wounded and those who were hit in the working and production sits .

Greeting to the Syrian Arab Workers in the occupied Syrian Golan and the Arab Workers in the occupied Arab land who are facing the Zionist occupation .

Glory and Immortality to our pious Martyrs .

Immortality to our Message

Damascus 7/4/2017

National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party 


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