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Martyrs Day NL of the BASP Statement

In immortalizing  the party , the homeland and the nation martyrs, the masses of our people and our armed forces celebrate the Sixth of May , the day of the Martyrs who , with their pure blood , irrigated the homeland soil while defending its dignity , its independence , its sovereignty and future , fighting the invaders and powers that  came to our region during different stages of history,  until the free patriotic group, the vanguard of the Arab Liberation Movement in 1916, was executed by the butcher Jamal Bash in Damascus  and in Beirut, during the Ottoman occupation . And then the caravans of the martyrs of independence and evacuation who fought the French occupation  and then the Martyrs of the October War of Liberation who fought and are still fighting the Zionist occupation in the Arab land since the usurpation of Palestine, and so on until the caravans of the Martyrs our people and brave army who give their souls in their battle against terrorism and the Takfiri project which are supported by several  regional and international forces that want to undermine Syria and her security , stability and national stands , in order to serve the Zio-American project whose aim is to crumble the region.


The sixth of May is an occasion to remember our pious Martyrs who ascended to the paradise of immortality after they illuminated, with their blood , for us the road of struggle by giving the most excellent examples of sacrificing for the homeland and for protecting it . They wanted to die in order to give life to their nation , life with pride and dignity . So they were the most generous and noblest of mankind sons.

Today , we are exposed to the most dangerous aggressive war in history ,we must provide ourselves with the meanings of martyrdom and sacrifice to redeem the homeland and the nation , and to derive from our nation history which is full of martyrdom and heroic epics lessons , and to be more solid and determined to stick to our rights ,lands and principles, defending them in spite of all circumstances , pressures and challenges , continuing the different forms of the march struggle until we deter the aggression and all forms of terrorism and restore our usurped rights and lands.

Today , we stand with esteem and respect for the homeland martyrs who gave their souls for the freedom of their homeland and their nation dignity .They were the example to be followed. Remembering the martyrs make us confident while facing the aggression and dangers  to which our homeland and nation are exposed. Victory is the ally of those who stick to their rights and stands , abiding by their principles and objectives. The Martyrs Day is the Day of glory and immortality .


The Baath Revolution was not found only for the present and the future . But it sought to revive the bright stops in our Arab history , first of all, sacrifice and martyrdom . Therefore,   sacrifice and martyrdom in the SAR acquired great attention by our party and leadership which placed this issue amongst its priorities and elevated up the " Martyrdom or Victory " slogan. It took care of the Martyrs families and honored them .  In the leader Hafez al-Assad thought , Martyrdom is  the " values' value and the debts debt " , the Martyrs are "The most generous people in the world and the noblest of mankind" Syria kept Martyrdom as a bright human value for the generations and made for it important titles in our struggle life that is still continuing during the Comrade Regional Secretary of the Party , President Bashar al-Assad who described the Martyrs as the "motive of pride and glory , because their strength and bravery were the basis of Syria steadfastness and will be one of the most important causes of our victory over terrorism ".


No matter how much we honor and respect our Martyrs , we don't give them what they really deserve , and when we bless martyrdom and the martyrs , we have to believe that restoring the rights needs sacrifices, because he , who requests death , life will be given to him ".

Greeting of faithfulness and sincerity    to the souls of our pious Martyrs .

Long live our Arab Nation Struggle for liberation , progress and unity . 

 ,Damascus , 6 May 2017

Immortality to our Message

National Leadership

Baath Arab Socialist Party 


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