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The 71st Anniversary of French Occupier Evacuation from Syria coincided this year with our people celebrations of the 70th  Anniversary of Baath Foundation. Such coincidence has its significances because the two occasions explain the mixing of association between the masses struggle movement and the BASP ideology and practice. The party was gradually formed at the midst of the people battle for independence and for removing the injustice and subdual done to the people and for establishing the system of justice, equality and progress. Our party, in the beginnings of its emergence, participated in the struggle for independence, together with the patriotic forces, and got with the people what they did want  on the 17th of April 1946 when the National Independence was declared and that day become a National Day to be celebrated by our people. The Independence Anniversary that opened the way and horizons for achieving great transformations in the liberation field and continuing the march of the patriotic and national struggle.

Today, while Syria is strongly facing hostile unjust powers led by the USA, which launched a barbaric perfidious aggression, early in the morning of the 70th Anniversary of  Baath Foundation on 7.04.2017 on Alshaeerat Airport , in Homs, in coordination with the Zionist entity and the colonizer France country, with welcoming from Turkey and the Arab Gulf, in attempt to rescue the terrorist groups which are being defeated and collapsing in front of the Arab Syrian Army blows, she – Syria- ascertains her determination to abide by the Baath and its national ideology, the Baath which, faced colonialism and brought down hostile conspiracies and projects through its struggle march, Syria also assertions  that her people are more determined and abiding by the party constants, first of all, the takfiri terrorism fighting, Syrian- Syrian dialogue, conciliations continuation and clinching to the land and rights, no concession and no neglect, in spite of the terrorists, greediest and invaders attempts.

We are fully confident, in the two important occasions, that we will restore our land and rights and achieve freedom for our homeland depending on the will of God and our brave army and the world honest people support, and we are also confident that aggression, terrorism and occupation will sooner or later perish. The sacrifice capability of the people is unlimited, and just as our people could previously defeat the invaders and occupiers, the now and in the future able to defeat the new terrorists, invaders and occupiers   until we achieve our national goals and complete the independence march until liberating all the Arab soils in the occupied  Palestine, Syria and Lebanon and liberate each and every spot in Syria from the dirt of the terrorist, terrorism and their dark project.      

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