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In a statement on 7/4/2017, the NL of the BASP in Yemen condemned the American aggression on Syria, stressing that this aggression violates all laws and regulations and encourages the terrorist organizations to go too far in using the chemical weapons. The statement pointed out that the American straggle is wrong and the American role is still the ugly role that seeks to disrupt the Arabs capabilities .

On the other hand , comrade Fouad Dabour, Secretary-General of the progressive Baath Party in Jordan, confirmed , on 9/4/2017 , the support of his Party to Syria's leadership and people in confronting  the late American aggression on Al-Shaerat Airport. He also stressed that the American aggression failed to achieve its aims and expressed his regret for the Jordanian official stand that is contradictory to the interest of the Arab people in Jordan .

For its part , the World Peace Council condemned, in a statement on 7/4/2017 , the American aggression on Syria and said that it is a crime committed under a pretext of nodues or evidences and it will also worsen the situations in Syria and the region, as well as this aggression is a breach of the UN character .The statement expressed its solidarity with the peoples of the region in their right to take their own future decisions independently without any foreign intervention. Moreover, Arab National Conference, Islamic National Conference and General Conference of Arab Paryies condemned, in statement on7/4/2017, the American aggression on Syria and considered it an aggression against the nation and the forces of liberation in the world. They stressed that this aggression is a part of the ongoing zio-American war on our nation for decades in a scheme that targets the patriotic and national dignity and resistance will in the nation . They also called to launch the largest campaign to condemn the aggression , support Syria, close every gap that can be penetrated by the Zio-American enemy and confront the Zionist scheme to disrupt the Arab Nation and its components.

O7/4/2017 , the Popular Committee to defend Syria in Palestine condemned the American aggression on Syria,  emphasizing the importance of supporting Syria in her war against terrorism. It also confirmed that only the popular response is the start of the  Arab Popular advancement and the creation of the forces that the nation deserves.

 In this turn, the Iraqi Popular committee for Supporting Syria and the Resistance , condemned in a statement on 7/4/2017,the American aggression on Syria and emphasized that it is a completion of the American –Western aggression against the region and its peoples, Iraq and Libya . The statement stressed that this aggression on Syria represents an apparent American support to the terrorist organizations which awe faced by the Syrian Arab Army and proves that the American Official Institution is the founder of the terrorist organizations , starting from George W .Bush up to the current president Trump.

The Moroccan Socialist Democratic Vanguard Party stressed, in a statement on7/4/2017 that the American Aggression on Syria is one of the terrorism serieses practiced by the Western Imperialism, first and foremost ,America against the peoples of the region.  The statement condemned the position of the Arab reactionary regimes that supported the aggression and called the Moroccan people, Arab Masses and world free people to reject this aggression in all available means and support Syria's unity land and people. The statement also stressed the necessity to stand by Syria in facing this vicious terrorist attack .

Furthermore, the Syrian Arab Students in Slovakia, a crowd of Arab communities representatives and political and popular Slovakian events protested ,on7/4/2017, in front of the American embassy in the Slovakian capital Bratislava to denounce the barefaced American aggression on Syria .

The participants in the protest, which was organized by the Slovakian branch of the National Union of Syrian Students ,raised the Syria national flags, photos of his Excellency president Bashar al- Assad , and banners that condemn the American aggression and the American administration's practices. They also drew the attentions to the destructive role of the United States in Syria ,Iraq and other countries.

The participants in the protest were : The Syria students in Slovakia, members of Arab Communities and Slovak citizens, foreigners,  a representative of the Slovak Anti-War Society, a representative of the Slovak Communist Party , the Socialist Youth Party , and the Russian –Slovak Friendship Society .

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