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    National Party Organlzations 

On Thursday 6/4/2017 at the headquarters of the Regional Leadership in Sana'a, the regional leadership of the BASP celebrated the 70th anniversary of the BASP foundation.

Comrade Mohammad al- Zubairi, Assistant Regional Secretary , confirmed in the opening speech that the Baath Party , which radiance extended to all Arab countries , played an important role in combating colonialism until achieving liberation and independence. Comrade al- Zubairi called the people of Yemen and its national and live forces to maintain the cohesion of the internal front and fortify it against any foreign penetration .

Moreover , comrade Khalid al- Sabai , member of the Yemeni Regional Leadership of the BASP, confirmed , in a statement on 5/4/2017: " With all pride and glory  on the seventh of April, the great Baath , who expresses the conscience of the nation , was born ".

He added:' With more determination , we can bear our responsibilities and face all challenges . We commit ourselves to continue our struggle march and to review it impartially ,deeply , boldly and with high national spirit , as the foundation Anniversary is a historical turning point in the march of our contemporary people and the starting point to revive the Arab Nation ; put it on the development, progress and advancement paths; unify its energies and capabilities; and strengthen its ranks in confronting the current challenges and risks .


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