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    National Party Organlzations 

In a statement on 6/4/2017 , and on the occasion of the 70th  Anniversary of the BASP Foundation ,the Progressive Baath Party in Jordan confirmed that the Baath Foundation was a response to the Arab Masses requirements and an Arab National popular revolution on the reality of division , tyranny, backwardness and colonialism, which was oppressing heavily on the nation's countries .

The statement pointed out that the BASP has always been , through its long struggle history, the first defender of the nation's causes and the struggler for its interests, security, independence sovereignty and dignity .

The statement drew the attentions to the fact that the Baath was and is still confronting the Zio-American schemes and projects that aim at targeting the national intellect and the Arab unitary advancing project that the BASP is struggling to achieve.



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