MAY Day And The Day of Martyrs: The Most Generous and Noblest of Mankind President al-Assad attends ceremony honoring children of martyrs who joined military academies The Baath: Always Lively and Up to-Date Syria Independence Day 69th Anniversary Arab National and Leftist Parties Condemn Ardoghan Regime Aggression on Syrian Territories Syria Steadfastness and Confrontation Against Takfiri Terrorism and its Stooges and Supporters Prove the Firebrand of the Glorious March Comrade Alahmar Interview with Russian Newspaper Pravda The 68th Anniversary of the Baath Foundation An Occasion to Consolidate the Struggle and Build up the Capabilities for Arab Parties General Congress Calls for Forming An Arab Popular Front for Combating Terrorism The BASP Palestinian Regional Leadership Organizes a Lecture on The Impact of the War of Terminology on the Arab-Zionist conflict Fifty Seventh Anniversary of Syrian- Egyptian Unity Syria Abides by Arab Unity Option and Continues her Confrontation Against Terrorism The Baath Arab Progressive Party IV Congress Parties and National Organizations Condemn Zionist Aggression on Alquneitra Terrorism is an International Epidemic Fighting it Requires Determination and United Efforts and Cooperation Syria's Course: Terrorism Fighting and Dialogue The BASP in Yemen Condemns Mount Mohsen and Sanaa Terrorist Explosions Syria-Lebanon Coordination for Confronting Terrorism Achieves Their Common Interest What Did France & Europe Harvest from Terrorism Sponsoring & Exporting Terrorism Flies Back and Hits Those who Cherish it The BASP NL Wishes Arab and Foreign Parties a Merry X.mas and a Happy New Year Syria: Ready for Dialogue With Believers in her Land and People Unity, Sovereignty and Independent Decision, Serving its People Will
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