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71st Anniversary of French Occupier Evacuation from Syria… and 70th Anniversary of Baath Foundation. Occasions Asserting Defeat of Terrorism, Invaders and new Occupiers, and achieving our National Objectives
Despite Attempts to Break the Dialogue of Finding Solution to the Syrian Crisis at Geneva, Syria shall go on her Conception of the Solution through Two Paralleled Tracks: Terrorism Combating and Syrians- Syrians Dialogue
Zionist Entity in the American Agenda
International Meeting in Kazakh Capital Astana Commitment to Syria's Sovereignty, Independence and Territorial Unity as well as Fighting Terrorism
Arab Nation Situation at the End of a Year and the Beginning of Another The Required Role 2016 – 2017
Expressing the Conscience, Will, Steadfastness and Unity of the Syrian Arab People President Al-Assad to the Portuguese Radio and TV Defeating Terrorism is Our Sole Option
Despite the Importance of the UNESCO Al-Aqsa Mosque Resolution The Resistance Option Remains the Guarantor of Liberating the Occupied Arab Territories
American Aggression on a Syrian Army Site Near Deir Al-Zour After a Series of Defeats that Afflicted Terrorist Organizations on Various Fronts
The 47th Anniversary of Alaqsa Mosque Incendiarism Defending Jerusalem and Alaqsa is Defending Arabism Capital Damascus and Honorable National Stands
The Tenth Anniversary Of July 2006 Victory The Resistance Will Remain The Nation's Option To Restore The Usurped Rights And Uproot Terrorism

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