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Wide Condemnations for the Aggression Against the Syrian Army Site in Deir Al-Zour The Aggression Confirms the Reality of the American Fostering to ISIS Terrorist Organization
Progressive Baath Arab Party Wins a Parliamentary Seat in the New Jordanian Parliament
Comrade Dabour: Iran Supports Syria as a Resistant State and Russia Came at a Request by the Syrian Leadership
The NL Condoles the Loss of Dr. Ali Jaber, Member of the Party Foundation Congress Comrade Al-Ahmar: He Spent His Life in Patriotic, National and Humanitarian work
The Yemeni Regional Leadership of The Baath Party Expresses Its Appreciation of The Russian Stand in The Security Council During Discussing Yemen Conditions and Blesses The National Agreement Among The Political Forces
Comrade Qansouh The International Community Pretends Fighting Terrorism While Weapons and Thousands of Terrorists Are Still Flocking to Syria
Comrade Al-Tijani Mustafa The International Community Has A Special Agenda Which Has Nothing to do With Sudan or Its Unity
Baath Party in Yemen and The Syrian Community in Hungary and Ukraine: The Syrian Arab Army Overthrew the Colonial Projects in The Region
Condemning The Election Of The Zionist Entity To Chair The Legal Committee Of The United Nations Arab International Forum For The Palestinian Justice: The Zionist Entity Is The Most Violating Of International Resolutions
The General Secretariat Of The Arab Parties Emphasizes The Unity Of The Syrian And Iraqi Territories And Renews Its Support For The Resistance

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