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    National Party Organlzations 


The BASP's Constitution is the most important fundamental document issued by the Party . It directs the Party decision-making at different levels of leadership . It controls the mechanism that achieves the Party objectives .
No article of the Constitution has been amended since it was approved by the Constituent Conference , held in Damascus on 4-6 April 1947 .
The BASP's Constitution clearly identified the following terms : the Arab Nation , the Arab homeland , the Arab citizen , the Arab people authority over their land ,the freedom of the people , Citizenship ,in addition to the Party humanitarian perspective and its role in building a civilization .
The BASP's Constitution also identified the Party's methodology, as a national (pan-Arab), socialist, popular and revolutionary . It designed the Party interna , external, economic, social, cultural and educational policies in a unified Arab State .
The BASP specified the following :
Fundamental Principles.
General Principles. ( Article 1-13 )
The Methodology.
Internal Policy. ( Articles 14-21 )
Foreign Policy. ( Articles 22-25 )
Economic Policy. ( Articles 26-37 )
Social Policy. ( Articles 38-43 )
Educational Policy. ( Articles 44-48 )
Separate Article.
- Amendment of the Constitution –



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