• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

First Principle:
The Arab Nation Unity and Liberty

The Arabs are One Nation, which has its natural right to live under One State and to be free in running its potentials. Therefore, the Baath Arab Socialist Party considers that:
1- The Arab Homeland is an indivisible political and economic entity, and that no Arab country can make up for the conditions of its existence away from the other Arab countries.
2- The Arab Nation is one educational entity. All differences existing among its natives are casual and fake. They can be removed by the awakening of the Arab conscience.
3- The Arab Homeland belongs to the Arabs. They alone have the right to administer its affairs, wealth and the running of its potentials.

Second Principle:
The Arab Nation Character

The Arab Nation is distinguished by characteristics that are manifest in its consecutive revivals. It is stamped with the fertility of vivacity and creativity, the capability to renewal and resurrection which always conforms with the growth of the individual's freedom and the extent of harmony between his development and the Pan-Arab National interest. Therefore, the Baath Arab Socialist Party considers that:
1- The freedom of Speech, Assembly, Belief and Art are holy and no authority can undermine them.
2- After giving the citizens equal opportunities, their value can be determined according to the work they perform for the progress of the Arab Nation and its prosperity, irrespective of any other consideration.

Third Principle:
The Arab Nation Mission

The Arab Nation has an eternal mission that appears in renovative forms and integrated in all stages of history. It aims at renewing human values, motivating human advancement and developing the harmony and cooperation among nations. Therefore, the Baath Arab Socialist Party considers that:
1- Colonialism and anything relevant to it is a criminal act that the Arab combating by all possible means. The Arabs, within their material and moral capabilities, seek to help all peoples who struggle for their freedom.
2- Humanity is a whole solidified in its interest and commonly linked by its values and civilization. Therefore, the Arabs give the world civilization and take from it. They extend a brotherly hand to all other nations and cooperate with them for establishing just systems, which safeguard, for all peoples, peace, prosperity and sublimation in spirit and temper.


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