• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Art. 1:
The Baath Arab Socialist Party is an Arab comprehensive Party to which branches are to be established in all Arab countries.
It deals with the regional policy within the Pan-Arab higher interest.
Art. 2:
The General Headquarters of the Party, for the time being, is Damascus. It can be transferred to any other Arab city if the Pan-Arab National Interest necessitates such transference.
Art. 3:
The Baath Arab Socialist Party is a Pan-Arab National Party , which believes that Nationalism is a living immortal fact and that the conscious Pan-Arab National feeling, which closely attaches the individual with his Nation, is a sacred feeling, full of creative power, sacrifice-invoking, spurring the sense of responsibility and is practically and effectively directing the individual's humanism.
The Pan-Arab National Idea, which the Party calls for, is the will of the Arab people to liberate and unite themselves. They should be given a chance for the fulfillment of the Arab identity in history and to cooperate with all nations in such a way that safeguards the Humanity correct path towards good and prosperity.
Art. 4:
The Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) believes that Socialism is a necessity that emanates from the core of Arab Nationalism because it is the most ideal system which allows the Arab People to materialize their potentials and the maturing of their genius in the most perfect manner. Thus, the ( BASP) safeguards for the Arab Nation continuous growth of its material and moral production along with close brotherhood among its individuals.
Art. 5:
The (BASP) is a people's Party which believes that sovereignty is the people's, and they alone are the source of every authority or leadership, and that the value of the state comes from its stemming from the will of the masses. The sacredness of the state is dependent on the masses volition in choosing it. Therefore, the Party, in performing its mission, depends on the people and seeks to contact with them closely and works for lifting their rational, moral, economic and hygienic standards in order to allow them sense their character and exercise their rights in individual and national life.
Art. 6:
The (BASP) is revolutionary and believes that its main objectives in the resurrection of Pan-Arab Nationalism and the establishment of Socialism can not be fulfilled but through the road of revolution and struggle; and that dependence on slow development and contentment with superficial, partial reform menace these objectives with failure and loss. Therefore, the party decides:
a - To struggle against foreign colonialism in order to liberate the entire Arab Homeland.
b - To struggle for establishing solidarity among all Arabs within One Independent State.
c - To revolt against the corrupt reality in all intellectual, economic, social and political aspects of life.
Art. 7:
The Arab Homeland is the land inhabited by the Arab Nation, extending from the Torus Mountains and those of Bishtekwih, Basra Gulf, the Arab Sea, Ethiopia Mountains, the Greater Sahara, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Art. 8:
The Arabic language is the official language of the State and it is the acknowledged language of citizens in writing and learning.
Art. 9:
The flag of the Arab State is that of the Greater Arab Revolution which erupted in 1916 for the liberation and unification of the Arab Nation.
Atr. 10:
The Arab person is the one who speaks Arabic and lives on the Arab territory, or aspires to do so, and believes in his affiliation to the Arab Nation.
Art. 11:
Any one who calls for or joins a racist block against the Arabs and any one who immigrates to the homeland for a colonialist end shall be evacuated.
Art. 12:
The Arab woman enjoys the full rights of citizenship. The Party struggles for elevating woman's standard until she becomes worthy to enjoy these rights.
Art. 13:
The fulfillment of equality in opportunities in education and economic life so that all citizens can show, in all aspects of human activity, their capabilities in their true shape and within the maximum limits.


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