• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Art. 14:
The system in the Arab State is parliamentary and constitutional. The Executive Authority is responsible before the Legislative Authority, which is directly elected by the people.
Art. 15:
The Pan-Arab National link is the only link that exists in the Arab State and assures harmony among the citizens and their fusion in one crucible of one Nation and combats all kinds of denominational, sectarian, tribal, ethnic and regional fanaticism.
Art. 16:
The System of the one Arab State is decentralized.
Art. 17:
The Party works on the dissemination of the people's spirit (the Rule of the People) and rendering it a living fact in the individual life. It seeks to put a State Constitution that assures to the Arab citizens' absolute equality before the law and the voluntary expression of their freedom and the choice of their representatives honestly and thus prepares for them a free life within the law.
Art. 18:
With full volition, a unified constitution for the Arab State should be compatible with the spirit of modern times and in the light of the Arab Nation's past experiences.
Art. 19:
The Judiciary Authority is protected and independent from any other authority. It enjoys absolute immunity.
Art. 20:
All rights of citizens shall be given to any citizen who lived in the Arab land and paid sincerity to the Arab Homeland and separated himself from any racist blocking.
Art. 21:
Military service is compulsory in the Arab Homeland.


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