• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Art. 26:
The (BASP) is Socialist and believes that the economic wealth at home is the Nation's property.
Art. 27:
The existing distribution of wealths in the Arab Homeland is unjust and, hence, they must be reconsidered and distributed rightly among the citizens.
Art. 28:
All citizens are equal in human value and hence the Party forbids any exploitation of others' efforts.
Art. 29:
The establishments of public interest, huge natural resources, and means of transportation shall be directly administered by the State. All companies and foreign concessions shall be cancelled.
Art. 30:
The agricultural ownership shall be determined according to the possessor's capability for full utilization without exploiting other's efforts, under the supervision of the state and in accordance with its general economic program.
Art. 31:
The petty industrial ownership shall be determined as to what befits the economic standard of the rest of citizens in the State.
Art 32:
The workers shall take part in managing the factories and they will be given, away from their wages, a share of profits to be determined by the State.
Art 33:
Ownership of built real estates is free to all citizens, but they are not allowed to rent or utilize them at the expense of others.
The State shall guarantee minimum limit of real estate ownership for all citizens.
Art. 34:
Possession and inheritance are two natural and protected rights within the boundaries of National Interest.
Art 35:
Usury among citizens shall be cancelled. One governmental bank shall be established to issue the currency, which is guaranteed by the National Income. It shall finance the necessary agricultural and industrial projects.
Art. 36:
The State shall directly supervise the internal and external trade in order to cancel the exploitation between the producer and the consumer. They will be protected together with the national production from the competition of foreign production and a balance between exports and imports shall be assured.
Art 37:
A comprehensive program shall be put in the light of the latest experiences and economic theories for the industrialization of the Arab Homeland, development of the National production, opening frontiers to it and directing the industrial economy in every country.

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