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    National Party Organlzations 


The Party's policy in Pedagogy aims at the creation of new Arab generation that believes in the unity of the Arab nation, the immortality of its mission that adopts scientific thought and free from superstitions, reactionary traditions and infused with the optimism spirit, struggle and solidarity with its nationals for the fulfillment of the comprehensive Arab Revolution and progress of humanity. Therefore, the Party decides:
Art. 44:
To stamp all the intellectual, economic, political, constructional and technical phenomena of life with pan-Arab national character that can restore the glorious history of the nation and spur it to look for a more glorious and ideal future.
Art. 45:
Education is one of the State's duties by itself. Therefore, all foreign and private educational establishments shall be cancelled.
Art. 46:
Education, in all stages, is provided gratis to all citizen . It is obligatory in the elementary and secondary stages.
Art. 47:
Vocational schools, equipped with the latest means, shall be established. Study in them is gratis.
Art. 48:
Arab nationals shall carry out teaching and all things related to . The higher education shall be exempted from this.



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