• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 


Convening this congress came as an end of two periods of the party history:

The First period: it is the beginning period from 1941 to 1943.

 In this period, the party began to adopt its ideas about the Arab Nation Resurrection, its Unity, Freedom and Message.

The Second Period: from 1943 to 1947.

In this period, the party started to call for the liberation of the Arab countries and for their anti- colonialism and anti- Zionism's struggle.

Most Important Revolution:

  1. The political Statement
  2. The Party Constitution
  3. The Blew

 The constitution is composed of three fundamental principles and 13 Articles, representing the general principles, the fundamental principles are:

The First principle: The Arab Nation Unity and Freedom.

The Second principle: The Arab Nation Character.

The Third Principle: The Arab Nation Message.

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