• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Damascus. June.1945

The Congress come after a mini one convened in Homs in October 1953 called for convening the Second Congress main items.

  1. The discussion of the situation in Syria after the Sheshakli regime was toppled, as well as discussing the situation in the Arab homeland after the 23rd of July Revolution in Egypt.
  2. The merger of the Arab Socialist Party and the Arab Baath Party, without any change in the party Constitution or its Bylaw
  3. The Party Plan of facing the colonialist alliances and the Zionist enemy (Baghdad alliance )
  4. The draft of the new Bylaw, produced by the party in Syria( as a Syrian Arab Province)
  5. Fleeting a National Leadership, composed of 7members: The General Secretary (from Syria). The doyen office was superseded, 2 from Syria,2 from Jordan, 1 from Lebanon, 1 from Iraq.    

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