• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

The Most important Recommendations:

  1. Demanding the party Leadership to focus on the conception of democracy and seek to form an Arab popular Foot on the Arab level.
  2. To upgrade the party struggle on the National level
  3. To emphasize the party independence and its special identity.
  4. To ideologically condemn the dissolution of the party in the united Arab Republic.
  5. To support the positive  Neutrality Slogan.
  6. To support the Algerian Revolution and materialize the party Potentials to support it.
  7. To disclose any attempt to exploit the Palestinian cause.
  8. To support the struggle of the Arab Progressive forces.
  9. Electing a new National Leadership:  the Gen Secretary ( from Syria), 3 members from Iraq, 4 from Lebanon, 1 from Palestine, 1 from Jordan.

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