• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

It convened after the eruption of the 8th February Revolution in Iraq and the 8th of March Revolution in Syria in 1963. It is considered to be the most important National Congress after the Constitutive Congress because it was convened after the party came to power and was attended by the Immortal Leader Hafez al-Assad, backed up the inclination toward the approval of some Theoretical Spring Boards and resisted the rightist tendency.

Some of its Resolutions:

  1. It approved some theoretical Spring Boards.
  2. It approved the theoretical bases for the Revolution Theory take off.
  3. Concerning Arab struggle causes, it approved the establishing of a dual federal unity between Syria and Iraq.
  4. It emphasized the principle of collective leadership (confirmation of Central Democracy Principle).
  5. Reliance on the workers and peasants as a base of the Revolution of the Party at the same time.
  6. Party and Authority relation (the need to distinguish the party more than the state).
  7. The establishment of an Arab Progressive Front, at the Arab homeland level.
  8. Continuing the permanent fight against colonialism.
  9. Emphasizing the policy of non-commitment to international camps.
  1. Enhancing the friendship amongst the peoples of the socialist world.
  2. Enhancing the solidarity with the third world countries.
  3. Fighting all kinds of racial discrimination in the world.
  4. Electing a new National Leadership composed of: the General Secretary (from Syria), three members from Syria, five from Iraq, two from Lebanon and two from Jordan.

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