• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

The 10th Regional Congress of the BASP convened in Damascus on 6-9 June 2005 under the slogan "Up- to Date Concept a Thought That Accommodates Every Body ".

The Congress discussed the reports that have been referred to it by the organizational, political and economic committees, and, in the final plenary session, it discussed the outcomes of the committee's deliberations and it approved the general directions of the party activities and policies for the coming phase on the organizational, political, and economical levels.

  • Arab and international Politics Field: the Congress asserted the abidance by peace strategy for protecting our national interests, restoring our occupied lands, our usurped rights, activating the Arab peace initiative as a base for liberating the occupied Golan until the line of June 4th, 1967 and supporting the Palestinian people struggle for restoring their legitimate national rights, first of all, their right to establish the independent Palestinian state on their national soil, with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of the refugees to their homeland to continue the regional and international efforts, in the Security Council particularly, to make the Middle East free from all mass destruction weapons, nuclear, chemical and  biological, and to work for compelling Israel to join the treaty of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and subject its facilities to the comprehensive guarantees system of the International Agency of Atomic Energy.
  • Domestic Policy Field: the Congress emphasized the issue of party- authority relation, limiting the party role to the designing of policies and the general directions of the state and society, specifying the growth needs, control and supervision over those policies, the Congress also emphasized the need to issue a Party Law that guarantees the national participation in the political life, on the basis of consolidating the People Assembly and Local Administration election law and developing it. It also pointed at the need to reconsider the printed materials law and to issue a new law for all kinds of media.
  • The Economic Field: The Congress stressed that the all-out growth is a national responsibility of the state, society and all public and private sectors. It emphasized that the government must be urged to issue laws and make procedures that guarantee the consolidation of the economic and social growth process and to widen the effective participation in this process.

It approved the principles of the social market, according to gradual shift that protects the society against shocks. It emphasized the state role in the economy, according to an advanced modern formula, and the rehabilitation of the public sector in strategic fields as well as the consolidation of the private sector in the economic activity.

In the final plenary session, the Congress elected President Bashar al-Assad as Regional Secretary. It also elected a Regional Leadership of 13 members, a Central Committee of 96 members and a Control Committee

The 9th Regional Congress,

 17-20. June 2000

The 9th Regional Congress of the BASP convened under the slogan derived from words, said by the Immortal Leader Hafez al- Assad:

"All Congresses of our Party are important. They study the mistakes of the past and work to avoid them. They perceive the future horizons and set plans of work for directives toward this future".

The Congress unanimously made a Resolution, naming Comrade Bashar al-Assad as the Leader of the Party and the People March, considering this Resolution as a practical confirmation of adherence to the Immortal Leader approach and an embodiment of the Party and people wish and will.

The Congress Committees and plenary sessions discussed organizational, political and economic reports   in an atmosphere of democracy, comradely spirit and sense of responsibility and duty.

In the political field: the Congress asserted the firm Syrian stand, based on the UN Resolutions and Madrid terms of references as fundamental requirements, approved by the international communities.

The Congress praised our steadfast people in the occupied Golan, their clinging to the Syrian identity, their refusal to the occupation and their resistance against it. It also praised the Arab Palestinian people struggle for restoring their rights. It considered the victory of the Lebanese National Resistance an important indicator, showing the Arabs capability to reach their rights, as well as an evidence that proves the people will to consolidate the values of struggle and martyrdom in the Arab spirit.

In the organizational field, the Conference stressed the importance of developing the relationship between the members of the party and its organs and institutions, and between it and the masses. The conference gave a special importance to promoting the cultural issue in the party.  It discussed the party relationship with the authority in Syria, and emphasized the need to continue organizing and developing this relationship.

 In the internal field, the Congress called for developing the mechanisms of work at the state institutions and seriously emphasizes the implementation of the "Supremacy of Law", and to update the administrative and legal relations in the state various institutions, in such a way that make them more capable of serving the people and responding to their needs.

In the Economical field: the congress recommended an up to date economical vision for all sectors of the national economy: finance, monetary, banking, production, consumption and marketing in order to rebalance the national economy and handling the distortions in its basic structure.

In conclusion, the Congress elected a 90 members C. Committee, which immediately, after being elected, met and elected Comrade Bashar al-Assad as General Secretary of the CC, and from amongst its members, elected a new Regional Leadership.

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