• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

It is the first Regional Congress after the Resolution of reorganizing the Party in Syria.

Most Important Resolutions and Recommendations:

  1. Preparations for the 6th National Congress.
  2. Entrusting governance to the masses activity.
  3. It warned of merging the party with the state apartness.
  4. The need to put bases for the relation between the party and the governance.
  5. Constructing a new revolutionary experiment, radical and democratic at the same time, crystalizing the masses ambitions.
  6. Socialist transformation of the society.
  7. Approving Iraq- Syria unity plan.
  8. Land reform issues.
  9. Nationalization of foreign trade and industrial sector.
  10. Specifying the party stand toward separation.
  11. Electing Regional Leadership composed of eight members. It elected a Regional Secretary.

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