• National Party Organlzations

    National Party Organlzations 

Reasons of convening it:

The emergence of the Glorious Corrective Movement, led by the Immortal Leader Hafez al Assad

Most Important Resolutions:

  1. The interim Regional Leadership statement expressed the aspirations of the party grassroots and embodied its strategy.
  2. Emphasizing the central democracy implementation and the party freedom respect.
  3. Implementing the accountability principle.
  4. Establishing the National Progressive Front and the participation of its parties in the constitutional institutions.
  5. Implementing the compulsory teaching and illiteracy eradication.
  6. Implementing the Local Administration Law.
  7. Deepening the constitutional institutions bases.
  8. Implementing the "March Leader" slogan, due to the people confidence in the Immortal Leader Hafez al Assad and their rallying around his leadership.
  9. Supporting the federation of the Arab Republics.
  10. Observance of flexibility in the relations between the Arab countries.
  11.  Consolidating the relations with socialist countries, Latin America countries and the Arab expatriates, and establishing new relations with African countries.
  12. Developing the state apparatuses.
  13. Convoking for convening the 11th NL congress.
  14. Electing a new Regional Leadership composed of 21 members, and electing the Regional Secretary and the Assistant Regional Secretary.










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