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    National Party Organlzations 

Curriculum Vitae

    Founding Leader and General Secretary of the BASP. 

                                   Hafez al-Assad   


Born: 6 October 1930, Latakia Governorate.

  • Elementary education in al- Kerdaha School.
  • Latakia High School, 1944-1946 and was brilliant student
  • Entered political life in Latakia before the Baath first congress, April 1947 and participated in the anti- French rule demonstrations and in the political activities for French evacuation.
  • He joined the BASP (1946 circa), struggled amongst its ranks and gained a new basic dimension, perfecting his matchless character.
  • He obtained the Baccalaureate (science life), Latakia High School and joined the Military Academy, Air Force College and was graduated as lieutenant Pilot, 1955.
  • He lived the Syria- Egypt unity experiment, as a pilot and militant and served in one of night fight squadrons in Cairo during the unity between Syria and Egypt.
  • He effectively participated in the political struggle to bring down the separation regime and was one of the underground organization leaders that led the 8th of March Revolution, 1963, as a member of the Military Committee which undertook the political and military leadership.
  • He occupied key positions in the BASP two leaderships (the National & Regional) since the 8th of March Revolution.
  • He had the prominent in the success of the 23rd of Feb 1966 Movement which excluded the rightist groups.
  • He promoted to be air forces general on 2.12.1964 and appointed as Commander of the Air Forces and Air Defense.
  • He was appointed as a Minister of Defense, in addition to the Air Forces Command, on 23.02.1966.
  • He undertook the premiership and the Ministry of Defense on 21.11.1970 after he led the Corrective Movement which opened the Party before the people masses and the Arab homeland and restored the Party to its masses.
  • He was elected President of SAR on 12 March 1971.
  • He was elected Regional Secretary of the BASP on 14.05.1971, and General Secretary of the BASP in August 1971.
  • He formed and led the National Progressive Front, composed of  Syrian  political parties and movements in March 1972 until he passed away in 2000.
  • He led the October Liberation War in1973 and the War of Attrition against the Israeli enemy in 1974.
  • He passed away on 10 June 2000.

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