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Curriculum Vitae

Comrade President Bashar al- Assad

President of the Republic

Regional Secretary of the BASP


  • Born on 11 September 1965, Damascus city.
  • Elementary and high School studies in Damascus Schools.
  • He studied medicine in Damascus University and was graduated physician in 1988 and worked in Teshrin Hospital.
  • In 1992 he went to Britain to specialize in ophthalmology and returned to Damascus in 1994.
  • He was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Syrian Scientific Society of Informatics in 1994.
  • He joined the Armed Forces and gradually advanced in the military corps, following several field courses.
  • He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in 10.06.2000, according to Legislative Decree No. 9.
  • Lieutenant General Bashar al-Assad was appointed Commander of the Army and Armed Forces on 11.06.2000 according to Legislative Decree No.10.
  • In the 9th Congress of the BASP (17-20. June.2000), Bashar Hafez al-Assad was elected as the Leader of the Party and the People March on 18.06.2000. He was also elected as the General Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Regional Secretary of the Party and presided over the first meeting of the Regional Leadership on 24.06.2000.
  • On 27.06.2000, he received from the People Assembly Speaker the Assembly Decision, approving unanimously His Excellency nomination to the SAR Presidency.
  • On 10.07.2000, a referendum for the President position took place, and the People Assembly announced, in its session on 11.07.2000, the referendum result, electing the Lieutenant General Dr. Bashar
  • On 17.07.2000, Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad took the Oath before the People Assembly for a seven year Presidential term.
  • He was reelected Leader of the Party and its Central Committee by the 10th Regional Congress of the Party in May 2005.
  • He was reelected President of the Republic on 27.05.2007. And on 17.07.2007, he took the constitutional Oath before the People Assembly, beginning his second constitutional tenure office.
  • He led the process of development, modernization and reforms for building a modern Syria on deferent levels: Political, economic, social, cultural, administrative, judicial, educational, pedagogical and informational.
  • He broached a pioneer strategic idea: A plan to link the five seas (Mediterranean, Black sea, Red sea, Caspian Sea and the Arab Gulf).
  • He topped the list of the most popular personalities by getting 67% in a poll in 2009, made by several internet sites.
  • He wisely and capably faced the terrorist war that Syria has been exposed to since 2011.
  • Married to Mrs. Asmaa al- Akhras and has three sons.   
  • Reelected as Regional Secretary of the BASP and Chairman of its Central Committee in the 10th Congress of the Party in May 2005.
  • Reelected as President of the Republic on 25.May.2007 and took the Constitutional Oath before the People Council on 17.July.2007 and began his second Constitutional Term.
  • He won the elections under the Syrian Constitution, sanctioned in 2012, and got 88.7% of the true votes.    


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